Comparisons have been made between the Philippine military and the Chinese military and some schools of thought think that the Chinese military is just a paper dragon and nothing more. Some of the facts that show the Philippine military is better than that of the Chinese will be highlighted below.


1. Consistent rise

The Chinese rose over the past 30 years, but they have not been able to maintain continuous rise. The Philippines on the other hand had always been on the rise slowly but surely and they keep on improving while the Chinese had stopped and pretending to be number 1 and far better than the United States.

Philippine Army


2. Increase spending with little to see

The Chinese military spending had increases by tenfold in the past 25 years, but the growth cannot be said to be correspond to the spending. The Philippines have actually not spent much, but they have improved far better in military hardware possession.


3. Big noise and no substance

The western world had been made to stand on their toes by China due to the scary news making the round about Chinese military, though much of the news have no substance. The Philippine military makes little or no noise, but have been making internal and rather secretive improvement in its military.

China’s PLA

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