7. Enemies all around

The Chinese border is surrounded by enemies. This is hampering their growth. This is unlike the Philippines that have amiable neighbors and can therefore grow in peace. The neighboring countries to China, like North Korea and Pakistan are actually failed countries. If they go down, it can have very serious security impact on China. The link between the Philippines government and the Western countries ensures they can get the needed support from the US when the chips are down.

Global Attitude Project


8. Aggressive foreign policy

China is aggressive in its policy regarding smaller countries around it and this is not helping its military in the least, since they are consistently faced with wrecking hostility. This is unlike the Philippine military that is able to grow among friendly neighboring countries.


9. The western influence

The western world, especially the USA and UK, secretly view China as a potential enemy, but the Philippine Military is an ally of the West. As a result, it has access to top military intelligence and equipment from the west that Chinese military does not have.