The worlds largest cruising company, the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCL) announced that it is hiring a total of 30,000 Filipino crew over the next five years as it expands its fleet and routes to Asia.

According to reports, RCL Chairman and CEO Richard D. Fain is in town when the company entered into a joint venture with with Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) to establish a new manning office in Manila. It is said to be 75-25 in favor of PTC.

“We have two things going on — fleet expansion and 9 ships on order and that will continue and we are building our base here we will now be doing many functions here,” Fain said.

PTC will be assigned for the recruitment side and the streamlined processes, while RCL will be providing the skills training and education upgrading to new recruits and career advancement of its current crew, reports said.

A second training facility will be set at the Mall of Asia from the existing training facility in Maragondon, Cavite. The facility will open on May 6 this year.

They will continue to hire engineering and maritime staff but also beef up recruitment for hospitality workers to provide to its 5 million passengers.

“The idea is that we will simplify their lives in the process of coming and going back to ships,” he said.

“We have a very large presence in Asia and most of the new destinations will be Asia because this market is growing very quickly because of the good value for money,” said Fain.

Fain also said that they are eyeing the Philippines to be one of its Asian routes along with Singapore, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

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Fain said that RCL have been working with the Department of Tourism for the possible inclusion of Philippines in its Asian routes.

He said that RCL is prioritizing the hiring of Filipino crew members because they are suited for hospitality jobs, mentioning the Filipinos “infectious happiness.”

Once the 30,000 Filipino manpower target is reached, the Filipino crew could account for about a third of total manpower of the world’s largest cruising company, making the Filipinos as the single largest nationality in RCL.

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-John Esconde