4. Inflation doing the hatchet job

The military spending of the Chinese government might have increased, but high inflation rate eats deep into whatever is allocated to military hardware and improvement. Resultantly, nothing much could be achieved. However, the Philippine inflation rate which is at the average is not an obstacle, considering the little they spend on their military is highly impactful. The inflation rate in the Philippines was recorded at 0.80 percent while China was is at 1.60 percent in July of 2015 not to mention the devaluation they implemented last August 10.


5. Corruption yet another killer

Today, every arm of the Chinese military is wracked by corruption. As a result, military allocations are not completely spent for the intended purposes. This is unlike the Philippine military that ensure everything is spent for the purpose it is meant for unlike before.


6. International standing for voicing opinion

It may be true that China now has a military that is more advanced technologically, but they are still unable to partake in international expenditures. This is unlike the Philippines military that is already making its voice heard in the region.

Philippine Army