4. Inflation doing the hatchet job

The military spending of the Chinese government might have increased, but high inflation rate eats deep into whatever is allocated to military hardware and improvement. Resultantly, nothing much could be achieved. However, the Philippine inflation rate which is at the average is not an obstacle, considering the little they spend on their military is highly impactful. The inflation rate in the Philippines was recorded at 0.80 percent while China was is at 1.60 percent in July of 2015 not to mention the devaluation they implemented last August 10.



5. Corruption yet another killer

Today, every arm of the Chinese military is wracked by corruption. As a result, military allocations are not completely spent for the intended purposes. This is unlike the Philippine military that ensure everything is spent for the purpose it is meant for unlike before.


6. International standing for voicing opinion

It may be true that China now has a military that is more advanced technologically, but they are still unable to partake in international expenditures. This is unlike the Philippines military that is already making its voice heard in the region.

Philippine Army


  1. The philippines needs to acquire fighter jets, shore based anti ship and aircraft batteries, frigates and long range patrol aircraft with anti submarine capabilities. China with so many enemies like japan, india, vietnam, taiwan, indonesia and malaysia has its forces spread too thin… this will be our advantage.

    • my dear kabayan, let us say we do have weapons which you say we needed for our advantage. would you be prepared for a full scale evacuation? are you prepared to travel out of the country to neighboring nations when the destruction of war reaches your doorstep? will you defend our country head on when our trained soldiers are dead? i appreciate your enthusiasm to WMDs and combat arsenal but you should be careful of what you type in the internet. we have a lot of deluded nutjobs that take these things seriously.

      • I’d like to add, the ‘deluded nutjobs’ are also weaponizing these kinds of arrogant and emotionally packed sentiments to persuade other passive or misinformed people through traditional media. These media are also being used right now to distract our Filipino brothers & sisters, hence blinding the majority from looking at the bigger picture.

        When war & invasion comes we all have to fight and die for our Country anyway. I recommend we do the FIGHTING NOW by preparing our family evacuation plans in advance; then EDUCATE ourselves further and EDUCATE the rest of our countrymen; then let us all join the Global Fight to PREVENT this WAR from happening.

        Stop relying on traditional media playing with your emotions on national TV with killings, rape of minors, the trash election propaganda with Duterte & Roxas and many more. These are internal problems resulting from severe poverty in which WE ALLOWED to happen in the past.

        Start promoting LOVE. it might not be the solution, but who are we to judge that? So, everyone on this page, I love you all my friends.

      • Shen The Kill Blocker: Acquiring and procuring new equipment for the AFP is not meant for an offensive war but it is meant for self defence requirements of our nation. As the ancient Romans saying said, “Si vis pacem, pacem parabellum”. If you want peace, prepare for war.

        • I did not say that we should acquire new weapons and knock on china’s front door. all i am explaining to Mr. Kram Yar Gil is “IF” we had such armaments, will he be prepared for war? and as for peace. there are many paths to it. and what your reconciling to, is the very last option. which i myself am not physically and mentally prepared for.

          Are you?

          • I am a retired soldier, wounded once and fought in the name of the Constitution and our people so, you are asking me if I am prepared? Sometimes we have to fight to advance the interest of our nation and people. As a soldier, we do not want war, because we will become the first casualties. The best is still for the politicians and diplomats to try to negotiate but in a position of strength.

      • Better training and leadership is needed. An effective military force can deter an invasion. If this is a serious concern then people should act now. Weapons are just one part. The Philippines could develop better industrial and technology capability. Why should young soldiers waste there lives with old weapons and bad leadership.

        If the Philippines really wants a capable defense force they need to act now. And an effective force will deter invasion.

  2. Those who makes more noise is empty, compare Noisy Chinese Government and Military to an empty can. It’s more noisy than a can with something on it.

  3. lets face the fact chinese military will probably wipe off all the miltary installation but that would be a python eating a porcupine..they will eat it but wont be able to digest..this war will never happen

  4. There will be no WW3 because China and USSR was once an allied countries of US during WW2 and whatever country declares war against us all countries will be against them.

    • Agreed. But in local insurgency conflict. But no training on how to deal against Main Battle Tanks, Multi Role Aircraft and bombers, etc. In short we have zero capability against external hostile forces.

      • i doubt that sir…that is why PH-US conducting bilateral exercises to exchange knowledge in combat nor use of armaments for us….

  5. its funny that these are posted, comparing our army to the chinese,

    IMO our forces are not yet prepared for such a dreadful battle, yes i am voting for our forces to halt an impending attack.

    but what happened to our SAF 44 which were already considered “SPECIAL FORCES” who have been trained/fed/supplied and mentored by experienced soldiers from the USA, are ambushed/slain and mocked by militants/rebels who are not even well equipped.

    bottom line our experience and technicality in Battle are not viable for a full scale war.

    • correct, the author of this article is CRAZY…. DAY-DREAMING, in 1 hour, the entire Phil FORCES can be wiped out by china…. tama, SAF 44 palang nga, mga rebelde lang yun, di na kaya, how much more CHINA?

      crazy writers and opinions like this article make Filipinos SICK! parang INC! hahahahahhahahaha puro mga walang utak, follow lang kung ano sinasabi at pinapagawa sa kanila, MGA BOBO!!! TANGA!

        • It is not mano mano, but a short war in the West Philippine Sea. If we loose, so be it. But the Government must procure badly needed equipment and war materiel in order to accomplish its given mission. Train them on new multi role aircraft or jet fighters, stealth frigates and capability to operate modern long range missiles is a possibility.

      • Ang tanong lang pg ba ang mga intsik at pinoy ang nagmano mano ng bakbkan mananalo kaya tong mga to dito sa tin? Kung halimbawang sila ba pinadala mo dun sa mamasapano umubra naman kaya sila? E sa training pa lang yung mga sundalo natin OJT lang nila ang Abu Sayaff, MILF at yung ibang mga terorista jan…E mga intsik? OJT nila gumawa ng peke!! bka imbes na 44 e ma 444 sila dun sa mamasapano…wlang utak pla ha? umuwi ka na nga sa mainland mong gunggong ka!

      • TRUE but dun sa sinabi mo sa SAF 44, nope.
        Hindi trained ang SAF 44 for guerilla warfare, REMEMBER! Ang SAF 44 ay mga POLICE hindi MILITARY.
        My dad was a military although he was always assigned in the sea but our neighbor who my dad knows is a military too who happens to be one of those that are sent in Mindanao.
        He always say it, “Walang kwenta at takot yung mga mga terrorista jan sa Mindanao, magagaling ang mga Pilipino nung panahon ni Macoy(Marcos). Yung mga armars ngayon halos panahon pa ni Macoy yung iba e.”

        Malakas ang mga PINOY pag GUERILLA WARFARE, isa sa pinaka the best sa mundo ang pinay pag dating sa labanan sa bundok at gubat. Kaya pag ganon yung nangyare, 10,000 na pinoy vs 50,000 na Chinese sa 10k na pinoy ako.
        Pero ang problema, isang MISSILE lang or NUCLEAR ang PH, kamote na.
        Hindi din kasi tinuloy ni Cory yung Nuclear Power Plant jan sa Bataan e, edi sana may panakot tayo sa China ngayon and mas gumanda yung economy natin.

        Pero AGREE na AGREE ako dun sa CRAZY WRITERS. Parang mga announcer sa PBA lang e, BIAS 😀

    • @STKB: One idiot PNP confess his sin for what he was about to do, to a priest. In that confession booth he told of an impending attack to be conducted by the PNP on so and so time date and place. Priest is one of those who was upset by PNoy telling the Pope of the abuses of the priest here in the Philippines. This was time for them to get back at PNoy. Ask yourself how in the hell did the MILF find out the exact date time and place these men was suppose to be? Tell me. This is the only logical scenario we can come up with. Priest losing all that privileges GMA gave them, when President PNoy put a stop to it.

      • Dear sir, i do not know anything about the SAF 44 case. but what i am talking about is battle prowess and tactics. be as it may, whether their operation was compromised or not. our SAF 44 were eliminated by sheer numbers and less real time battle experience. concluding to their predicament. if they were really that trained and categorized as “Special Force” then im sure they would have handled the situation appropriately. maybe there wouldnt be any fallen 44, just injured.

        • SAF training is very different from the Army or Marine training. in the Army/Marines learn to dig foxholes. In the PNP SAF no training like that. Army/Marines used available cover and concealment and high ground.

    • SAF is never part of PH elites who can manage any situations like SRR,SF,NAVSOG,MARSOG,or SPOW (well maybe they are in urban warfare)….why? i ask you this kid what is SAF greatest achievements and tales in mountain terrain and jungle warfare???dont talk like you know anything about military warfare when you lack and dont know the concept of it…..what is our DIS-ADVANTAGE when this become a full scale war????their fucking long range armaments….but when it comes to unconventional warfare try AFP and they will send many body bags back to beijing…

      • Doesn’t matter. A Dead soldier means there was lacking in their training.

        judging from the way you type, you sure are confident in conflicts. i ask you this. have you ever served for our troops or let alone our officers in blue? if so, that is great! if not you better step up being a keyboard warrior doesn’t make a difference.

        • They are not soldiers dude, they are POLICE!!!police doesnt cout as military personnel but civilian in uniform

    • SAF 44 was a different story, they were sacrificed by the heartless Pinoy administration and did not send much needed reinforcements which were put on hold.

      • During WWII the Filipino Army was not yet fully trained and properly armed and not prepared to fight a prolong War against the Japanese. and it was history. Hope that history will not repeat itself since we have all the time, IF THE GOVERNMENT WILL REACT NOW AND SUPPORT THE AFP MODERNIZATION.

      • Errr… Korean war nya po sinabi yan..different scenario.. Kailangan lang din natin ng armas syempre pra sa 10k na yan.. kung tirador lang ang dala mo di antanga mo naman..kaya kelangan talaga nating bumili ng mga gamit pero dapat for defense purposes lang.

  6. good strategy.. buy time with diplomatic protest and simultaneously increase military spending until we can have a credible defense posture.

  7. As good as it sounds, this article is just pure wishful thinking except maybe for number 9. In this day and age of advanced technological warfare, “elite” soldiers can only do so much. We can only hope we have superior military tactical doctrine(US and Russia) but I doubt we have that too.

    Bringing back western military bases would be the easiest and fastest way to maintain status quo in the region while we try to improve what we can with our own military hardware. If the Chinese military is engulfed with heavy corruption and possible inflation issues, so is ours but they are already decades ahead of us.

    Then again, since this is just wishful thinking, China might concede and stop their reclamation projects and return home. 🙂

  8. When Mao become China’s leader Russia tried to take some border area but with little war only as Russian military said ‘they have more fighters than the bullets we can fire’. During the Korean war with Chinas support the UN didn’t win.

    • but in the Battle of Yultong, 900 Filipinos against 40,000 Chinese and the Filipinos defeated them with 15 killed while the Chinese suffered more than 500.

      • Yeah, because back in the day, the PH military was really one of the best in the world because of some reasons.
        1. Our weapons were up to date and are even more advance than Chinese.
        2. The soldiers there were products and some were witness and survivors of the World War II.
        3. The PH soldier were on the defensive end at that time so our casualties would be really down compared to the offensive end.

        But the problem is, if we fight now, lets say the same scenario as the Battle of Yultong but with todays military strength of both countries, then the Chinese could just BOMBED the PH soldiers real hard with their fighter JETS. Lol !
        But still, I’d take 10k Filipino soldiers over 50k Chinese soldiers all day.

  9. Ang ating mga sundalo ay isa sa mga pinakamagagaling at dihasa sa laban lalo na sa guerilla warfare ngunit ang kakulangan sa gamit pandigma ang siyang ating kakulangan….remember the wars that Filipino soldiers fought ….Spanish, American, WWII, in Korea, Vietnam w the insurgents…always outnumbered, outpowered but never outfought….

    • A year late, but whatever.

      The short guy in white beside former Pres. Aquino is former V.Pres. Binay.

  10. Puro tayo dada nang dada, we should shut up our mouth and work secretly to enhance our capabilities. The money that was given to tongressmen and senatongs every year is more than enough to pay for all those advance fighter planes and navy ships. Anyway it only goes to the pockets of these animal tongressmen and senatongs. Pork barrels must be abolished.

  11. in my opinion. the best military should be gauged not only in their defensive capabilities to protect the citizenry. But also on their capacity to avoid armed conflicts and promote peace.

    • Tell that to the priest. Servicemen are trained to defend and kill. Provide help in times of natural calamities. Conduct patrols to Philippine territories and defend them against hostile intruders if warrants.

  12. Walang magagawa ang magagaling nating sundalo as the author claimed kahit mga superman pa ang mga iyan when it comes to numbers. Tapunan lang ng China ng isang sangkatutak niyang mga sundalo, ay parang mga langgam ito sa dami kung lulusob. Bale wala sa China ang buhay ng Intsik, madaling mapapalitan dahil sila ay over populated. Ganun ang nangyari sa North Korea, dumating ang mga Chinese wave after wave of human waves. Kaya nagulat ang United Nation forces at napaatras hanggang makarating balik sa 38th parallel.

    • Numbers is not the key in modern warfare. Determination, training, logistics, and modern weapons and equipment are the key. A single anti ship missile or torpedo which cost more than a million dollars can sink Chinese modern frigate that cost 400 million dollars. A long rang anti-aircraft missile which cost 500 thousand US dollars can shot down a 35 million dollars worth of modern MRF and bombers. The war will be at the West Philippine Sea and not on the Philippine main Islands.

        • Strength grows from a single seed of belief.
          To all weak hearted and half baked Filipinos here, I say…Trust in our soldiers and the silent Filipino engineers labouring to bring a surprise to the world of warfare defense technology. Its dark and silent in my lab but its brewing something…;)

  13. IN your dreams. The Philippine Defence Forces cannot be compared to the Chinese PLA. Facts. We have no air and naval assets that can defend even the West Philippine Sea. That is the reason why we lost Mischief Reef and the Scarborough Shoal. Today the Chinese are threatening Second Thomas Shoal or Ayungin Shoal being guarded by Marines on board the BRP Sierra Madre, Reed Bank near Malampaya Oil Fields and etc. , We have no fighter jets, frigates and combat surface ships. Let us accept it. But we can still develop if the Government will just give more funds to the AFP Modernization. Up to now, you can observe our skies and you will notice that no fighter jets roam our skies.

    • thats why sir PH is trying to get its fang back little by little….and sir are you forgetting the situation of china when this become an open warfare they are at the dis-advantage of fighting many fronts…

  14. Arguing here wont change our military and economic status. Let’s remove and abolish the familial political system. And vote for individuals who are there for the people’s welfare and country’s might.

  15. Ay tunay nga naman na mainam ang ating mga sundalo kesa sa mga tsekwa. Medyo behtahe laang sila dahil marami sila. Nakakatakot laang ey….baka isama nila si Jet Lee at si Jacky Chan…Sayang wala na si FPJ…kahit isang batallion kaya labanan nun na hindi kinakargahan ng bala ang 45 nya. Si Lito Lapid naman medyo may edad na eyy…magaling din sana yun sa garotehan… kaya nya hatiin ang bala ng baril gamit ang hunting knife ng boy scout…. are ang pruweba…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mraK-zRfWL0

  16. Objective No. 1: Clear the West Philippine Sea from Chinese invaders and retake Exclusive Economic Zone.

    • Spoken like someone who has never gone into battle. Every soldier who has ever gone into battle is scared. Given that God totally fails to protect the Philippines from natural disasters, why would he bother intervening in a little local difficulty?

  17. Filipino soldiers are too short the M16 is longer than them. They need ladders to climb up jeeps,trucks and tanks. They look funny, they ought to be just comedians.

  18. The article failed to mention that the Philippine military has many years of combat experience fighting the Communist rebels, the Islamist terrorists, Muslim separatists, sea pirates, etc. The Chinese military’s experience is ramming fishing boats and shooting students and peaceful demonstrators in Tiananmen Square. China did invade Vietnam in 1979 and they got beaten badly.

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