This is probably something you don’t think much, but if Chinese aggression came to a boiling point and they need to protect their reclaimed territories in the West Philippine Sea and immobilize our military bases and troops inside the Philippines, where would you feel safe?

There is a big chance that the conflict will start in the West Philippine Sea and somewhere in the West part of the Philippines so we must go down South East.

In no particular order, here are some places in the Philippines that can serve as a safe haven if war erupts according to its geographical positioning.


1. Polilio Island and nearby places

Safety 80%
Food Supply / Natural Resources 85%
Shelter 45%

Not far from the Metro, you can start your island fortress in Polilio Island.

Even Polillo originated from the Chinese word “Pulilu”, which means beautiful island with plenty of food. Still it will be safe from Chinese attackers.



2. Catanduanes, Panay Island and nearby places

Safety 85%
Food Supply / Natural Resources 90%
Shelter 60%

Catanduanes is an island province in the Philippines located in the Bicol Region of Luzon.

Catanduanes is also an island fortress. It would be safe from missile attacks. With sufficient supply of food, you can live here in peace.

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  1. Mindanao will be the best place to hold fort. Mindanao was never really conquered by Spain nor by the Americans, certainly the Chinese will not succeed either.

    • isa sa binanggit ay catanduanes..taga rito ako, 36 years ng naktira dito..totoo typhone prone ang aming lugar..pero dahil sa pagkasira ng balanse ng mundo; kung dati ang caatanduanes ay ang entrance ng bagyo at parating batanes naman ang exit eh ngayon di na..iba na ang dinadaan ng bagyo..huling bagyo dito na talaga halos idapa ang ilang munisipyo ng lalawigan ay noong 2006 pa yun bagyong reming..Simula noon di na dito binagyo ng malakas..kahit nababangit sa balita na may bagyo sa CAtanduanes never na ulit ito binayo ng sobrang lakas ng bagyo..Sana nga patuloy ng maging SAFE sa bagyo ang aking bayan.

    • ..davao city is not typhoon prone…thanks to the Lord..mountain ranges surround Dvo city & Samal Is. is right infront of the city

    • that’s what makes them safe. yun nga lang, the first experience mo sa malakas na bagyo e talagang yayanigin ka. pero pag nalampasan mo, oks ka na. wag lang kampante. Catanduanes is a very nice place, very rich in resources. ang problema nga lang, andaming mga Komunistang NPA jan. at kung China ang sasakop sa pinas, sigurado yan gagamitin nila ang NPA para maging parang mga otoridad. at alam naman natin na ang mga NPA e abusado sa kanilang poder. etong artikulong eto eh hindi nagcoconsider nung mga ganung factors.

      • pro-china ang mga npa, tulad ng npa’ng dutirty. Sabihin mo lang na po-dutae ka para mabubuhay ka lang o di kayay dutertard.

  2. Isn’t it a relief to know that China’s PLA can bomb and destroy much of the country, but there will still be islands where you can go and not be disturbed by the sounds of explosions and the screams of your dying countrymen?

    • then that would be the time to get rid of all illegal chinese and send them to west philippine sea to fight the chinese, or just drop them there.

  3. China don’t need to fight us – they just need to disrupt the oil tankers that delivers us oil – no oil no transportation, no work, no money – then we will start killing each other for food.

  4. LoL, China will never nuke the Philippines. The wind will carry the fallout right back at them. It will be the dumbest thing they can do.

  5. no ba kayo chinese missile lang yan made in china whoaaaaaaaa walang kwenta ang mga bomba nila puro generic hahahahaahah sungaw!

  6. There will be no war in the PI “pipe dream” without a full scale WW 3

    Everyone who knows anything about war, know that ENDGAME is suicide.

  7. Di na ngay-on Safe Place ang mga lugar na iyan…Kundi ga naman moret areng writer na are at pinagyabang pa dine sa internet ey…e di, markado na yaan sa mga intsik beho….haaayyy naku!!!

  8. If the Chinese decided to “immobilize Philippine military bases and troops” the process would be over in minutes and most Filipinos wouldn’t know about it until they saw it on the news. It would be directed at the Navy and the Air Force (they don’t need to worry about the Army) and there’s not much to destroy.

    • don’t underestimate the capability of the Filipino soldiers. Remember in the Battle of Yultong when the US army were defeated by 50,000 Chinese, 5,000 Filipino soldiers defeated them. there are other battles in the Korean war where the Chinese were defeated by the Filipinos that is why their generals are maybe reluctant to make a move because they know their history better than you do.

      • If the Chinese decide to “immobilize Philippine military bases and troops” it will be done with missiles, and nobody will ever see the antagonist. They won’t be sending soldiers here… why would they?

        • Bases and troops doesn’t comprise the entire Filipino nation. It has been proven during WWII when Manila and Bataan were taken over by the Japanese, resistance movements were done in the countrysides where they had difficulty being separated by hundreds of main islands and thousands of smaller islands. They have to use all their missiles before they can stop/immobilize the Filipinos. And besides, before their missiles reach the country, don’t you think South Korea, Japan and Taiwan will not be scrambling to fire their own missiles? Is China willing to start WWIII?

          • WW2 is history, no point in thinking in terms of invasion. There is no reason for the Chinese to invade the Philippines, and if they wanted to neutralize the Philippine Navy and Air Force they could do it in minutes. Do you really think South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan would go to war over an attack on the Philippines?

  9. Lol! Funny naman.
    War breaks out and the first thing we can think of is where to hide.
    Hindi ba dapat how to defend the country?
    Eh bakit nga hindi. Wala pa ang giyera, talo na nga agad.
    Why fight when it is much safer to hide.

    • Here’s the thing though.
      We have elders and children to protect, we have families.
      While defending our country would be most noble and brave, we still have to make sure that there is a country to fight for.
      When there is a war, there are casualties, and we need to make sure that there’s as little casualties as possible by hiding our people because if they all die in the war, then there isn’t really a point in fighting, is there?

    • I’m sorry, but are you suggesting that we all fight?
      What about the children and elders who could become casualties of war if they don’t find a place to hide?
      War is a serious thing, and people actually die. I’m sorry, but I don’t think you’ve considered that.

  10. War is enivitable no one can escape it bakit magtatago si lapu2 hindi nagtago itak lang saka kalasag panlaban niya pero tinalo niya si magellan , we must fight for our country sanay naman tayo sa ganito noon pa man pero nalampasan natin saka hindi naman tayo pababayaan ng.mga kaalyado nating bansa.

  11. Sa tototo lang wala naman talagang safe or safest place sa mundong ito. Kahit saan may panganib. kahit saan may banta sa buhay ng tao. Ako naniniwala na ang pinakasafe na lugar ay sa presensiya lang ng Diyos at ayaw itong paniwalaan ng mas nakakarami. Lahat ng bagay at tao sa mundong ito ay tiyak na lilipas at walang permanente; ang lahat ng ito ay mawawala.

  12. Just go to Bataan or Zambalez and watch the fight between the US and China. As if you were watching the international fireworks display in MOA

  13. The best way to fight China is naval blockade. no one goes in, no one goes out of china. Stop patronizing Chinese products.

  14. wonderful..but i wonder if just 2 to 3 nuclear bombs can wipe out the philippines from the world map?? i really dont know..probably the safest place is on the moon…a hi hi hi.. well prayer does really great and wonderful miracles…let us just do it.

  15. There is NO reason for any Filipina to be worried about ANY Chinese invasion, it simply wont happen. The Philippines has no international muscle at all and the only reason they are allowed to operate as an independent sovereign nation is because they USA backs them as a being a democratic nation. NOW IF DUERTE sells out the Philippines, to China, as seems LIKELY, they will become a puppet state OF China – no need to invade at all. What do the Philippine people want? Why don’t you ALL have a real good.LOMNGGG hard think about what is best for YOU , as a people!

  16. This is absolute bollocks, have you ever been to Apo island (for example), it couldn’t handle 200 visitors if it tried. This is just fear mongering at it’s very worst.

  17. If war breaks out, I believe it will only be within the area in dispute. Bec. if China attacks the PHL mainland, US & allies will attack mainland China too. If China uses ICBM on US, before it reaches Hawaii or Guam, US missiles from ships & sub have already reached China. I guess THAAD in Sokor will be placed pronto before this happens

  18. Safe pa rin ba ang Davao gayong alam nila na ang presidente ng Pilipinas ay doon naninirahan? hopefully wag naman sana magkagera…. I’m ready to die tutal matanda na ko pero I’m not ready for my children .. at sa lahat ng mga kabataan sa Pinas. sila ang mag sa suffer ng husto at sila pinakakawawa.. bakit ba ganyan mga tsekwa?

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