This is probably something you don’t think much, but if Chinese aggression came to a boiling point and they need to protect their reclaimed territories in the West Philippine Sea and immobilize our military bases and troops inside the Philippines, where would you feel safe?

There is a big chance that the conflict will start in the West Philippine Sea and somewhere in the West part of the Philippines so we must go down South East.

In no particular order, here are some places in the Philippines that can serve as a safe haven if war erupts according to its geographical positioning.


1. Polilio Island and nearby places

Safety 80%
Food Supply / Natural Resources 85%
Shelter 45%

Not far from the Metro, you can start your island fortress in Polilio Island.

Even Polillo originated from the Chinese word “Pulilu”, which means beautiful island with plenty of food. Still it will be safe from Chinese attackers.



2. Catanduanes, Panay Island and nearby places

Safety 85%
Food Supply / Natural Resources 90%
Shelter 60%

Catanduanes is an island province in the Philippines located in the Bicol Region of Luzon.

Catanduanes is also an island fortress. It would be safe from missile attacks. With sufficient supply of food, you can live here in peace.

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