The Bids and Awards Committee of the Department of National Defense (DND) is inviting firms to bid for a Long-range Patrol Aircraft acquisition project. The bidding is intended to procure two (2) patrol aircraft for the Philippine Air Force.

A total of PHP 5,976,000,000.00 (P5.976 million) for this project has been approved through the AFP Modernization Act Trust Fund (RA 10349 – Revised AFP Modernization Program) which includes Sensors, Sensors Integration, Mission Support Facilities and ILS Package for two Long-range Patrol Aircraft.

February 29 is the deadline for the submission of bids and the opening of the First Stage Bidding is in the DND BAC Conference Room, Basement, DND Building, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

The schedule for the pre-bid conference is on February 15 at DND BAC Right Wing Basement, DND Building. Both events will start 10 in the morning.

Long-range Patrol Aircraft

Qualified bidders after the First Stage Bidding procedure will be informed of the procedure of Second Stage Bidding.

The aircraft to be offered by the bidder/supplier should be the producer and the manufacturer itself and must be in active service in the Armed Forces of the country of origin or at least two Armed Forces of other countries.

A failed bidding in the mid-2015 is the reason in reviving this procurement project.  Seven firms purportedly took an interest in the said failed bidding:Lockheed Martin, Elbit Systems, IAI Elta Systems, L3 Mission Integratio, Saab Asia Pacific, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Indonesian Aerospace), CASA-Airbus Defense and Space. -Carl E.