For the first time in the history of the United States Navy, a Filipino-American service member is in command the helm of a carrier.

Captain Ronald Ravelo, a son of a retired US Navy chief from the Philippines, became the commander of the USS Abraham Lincoln a United States Navy’s largest aircraft carriers is now doing a major systems overhaul under the watchful eye of a history-making Filipino-American captain.

It has been a year since US Navy Captain Ronald Ravelo relieved his brother-in-law, Capt. Karl Thomas, as commander of the USS Abraham Lincoln -a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier named after the former US President.

The wife of Capt. Karl Thomas, Jennifer, is the sister of Ravelo.

Ravelo also became the first Filipino-American to take command of a carrier. Thomas, the outgoing commander of the Lincoln, will lead the USS Carl Vinson.

Commissioned in 1989, USS Lincoln will be remembered for its role in the largest peacetime evacuation in history. When Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991, Lincoln carried 45,000 active military personnel and their families from Zambales to Cebu.

USS Abraham Lincoln -a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier

This massive undertaking is all under Ravelo’s command.

Last March, on the second anniversary of its overhaul process, Ravelo addressed more than 2,500 member/ crew.

“It’s pretty daunting, the amount of work that goes into re-outfitting an aircraft carrier after 25 years of service. As you can imagine, it’s quite challenging,” he said.

Ravelo said, “We only got 10 of these capital ships in the United States Navy so I think just to be honored and had been selected to command it, that in itself is a point of pride.”

A son of a retired US Navy officer Ben Ravelo. Ben was with the Philippine Navy, left the Philippines to serve in a country whose language he did not even know.

Ronald was born in Okinawa, Japan and raised in San Diego, California. He lived with his grandmother in Makati, Philippines while his father Ben was stationed in Saigon.

“Family is very important, critical part of the Filipino culture and that was probably the one thing that I remembered most dearly about that time in the Philippines,” he said.

In 2006, Ravelo was selected to the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program and completed his tour as executive officer of USS Ronald Reagan.

In 2013, he commanded USS Comstock before he got promoted to commanding officer of USS Lincoln in 2014.

Photo by Joe Fudge

“The Navy is probably one of those few organizations where any sailor, we all come in with the understanding that with a lot of hard work, dedication you can get as far as the sky is the limit,” he said.

Capt. Ravelo is a recipient of several awards including the 2007 Commander, Naval Air Forces Navy and Marine Association Outstanding Leadership Award.

“Just remaining hungry, remain dedicated and working really hard that’s really what it takes to get to my level and any level,” he said.

Under Ravelo’s command, the USS Abraham Lincoln is expected to be operationally and combat-ready by 2017.

Video footage courtesy of abs,cbn.

Capt. Ronald L. Ravelo’s historical military service background

Capt. Ronald L. Ravelo, Commanding Officer USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)

Captain Ravelo hails from San Diego, Calif.  He is a 1987 graduate of the University of Southern California, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering through the NROTC program.  Upon graduation and commissioning he reported to NAS Pensacola to commence flight training and was subsequently designated an unrestricted naval aviator in September 1989.

Captain Ravelo has proudly served with the Chargers of HS-14 in all of his fleet aviation tours, eventually commanding the squadron from 2005 to 2007.  As a Charger he flew the SH-3H in USS RANGER (CV 61) and the SH-60F/HH-60H in USS KITTY HAWK (CV 63). During his tours with the Chargers he participated in OPERATION DESERT STORM, OPERATION SOUTHERN WATCH, and OPERATION RESTORE HOPE.  During his command tour
the squadron established the first helicopter detachment in support of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM, PHILIPPINES and JTF-510/515.

His shore assignments include Instructor Pilot in HS-10, Flag Lieutenant to the Commander, U. S. FIFTH Fleet, Helicopter Shore Assignments Officer in the Bureau of Naval Personnel (Pers-43), and Maritime Division Chief on the staff of North American Aerospace Defense Command.  Captain Ravelo is a distinguished graduate of the University of Redlands, earning a Master of Arts in Management, and is a graduate of the Naval War College where he earned a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies.  He completed advanced studies in National Preparedness and Leadership through Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and School of Public Health.

Captain Ravelo was selected to the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program in October 2006 and completed his tour as Executive Officer of USS RONALD REAGAN in November 2010.  Captain Ravelo commanded USS COMSTOCK (LSD 45) from February 2013 to April 2014 and was selected for CVN Sequential Command in October 2013.

Captain Ravelo’s personal awards include the Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal, Navy Commendation Medal and Navy Achievement Medal.  He was awarded the 2007 Commander, Naval Air Forces Navy and Marine Association Outstanding Leadership Award for his tour as CO of the Chargers.

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) is America’s fifth Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.  The ship was named in honor of our nation’s 16th president and is the second ship in the U.S. Navy to bear his name.

USS Abraham Lincoln -a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier

By: Jason E.



  1. a future CNO and eventually Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; he’s got a well-rounded naval career

    • How did he bring honor to the Philippines? Because he is Filipino by blood? Cause thats all there is of him as a Filipino. Just like Arnel Pineda brings pride to the Philippines because he sings songs written and made popular by someone else in a world famous band? The Captain here is a self made man and all his accomplishments are all his. Dont you think its ungair to the Captain that you claim him as ine if you guys? Born,raised,educated,trained and lived as an American since birth. Have Filipinos no shame in trying to associate themselves with successful self made people who happened to be a filipino by blood and american everything else? And no Pineda and Pempengko dont qualify in this category. You know who you should be really proud of? The millions of Filipinos (OFW) who are braving eveything even life and death just to give thier famikies back home decent living.

      • Please read the article again. You have missed very important things. First. he was NOT BORN in the U.S. but in Okinawa, Japan. Okinawa is NOT in the U.S. Second,
        Ronald Ravelo lived with his grandmother in Makati, Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES, while his father Ben was stationed in Saigon, Vietnam. In short, he grew up in PH and NOT the U.S.! Third, Capt. Ravel appreciates his growing years in Manila. He said that “Family is very important, CRITICAL PART OF THE FILIPINO CULTURE AND THAT PROBABLY WAS ONE THING I REMEMBERED MOST DEARLY DURING ABOUT THAT TIME IN THE PHILIPPINES.”
        “Dont you think its ungair to the Captain that you claim him as ine if you guys? Born,raised,educated,trained and lived as an American since birth. Have Filipinos no shame in trying to associate themselves with successful self made people who happened to be a filipino by blood and american everything else?”

        • I agree with you. Of course no one can and should take credit for the captain’s success but him. As a Filipino, I am just proud of the fact that here’s someone who’s got Filipino lineage and made it big in a foreign country and yet, hasn’t forgotten his Filipino culture. No need for sarcasm, right? Thanks for your comment.

          • My pleasure. Successful Filipinos have gone home. One of them is Manuel V. Pangilinan (MVP). MVP moved back to Manila in 1999 and has done so much for the country not only in business, but also on both CSR and on his personal philanthropy. Manny was born, raised an trained in the Phiippines. He studied elementary and high school in San Beda College Manila. Then to the Ateneo de Manila for college and later in Wharton for his MBA.

  2. Jesus Christ. He is not Filipino. Just because he has Filipino roots, does not mean he is Filipino. Germans don’t claim German Americans as their own, so why must Filipinos do this shit? I am Filipino American, I am proud of my Filipino heritage but I carry an American passport. I serve in the US Army and I get hassled by immigration as much as any American who goes to the Philippines.

    • Thank you for your service and giving back. My best friend is Cuban. Came over as a child and holds two doctorate degrees. He says he holds his success to the U.S. not Cuba.

  3. He is an American with Filipino descent. Had he been exposed to Philippine way of life, education and training I doubt he’d be as successful. Just saying what we already know. Come on now be honest to yourselves.

      • Sadly but this is so true and it hurts. Brilliant or talented people born in the Philippines with no financial capability will never ever get support or recognition so they literally have to grind their way to the top by themselves. If you stay in the Philippines you are pretty much disregarded when you have yet to make any accomplishment. If there is something I admire other countries for, they support THEIR people with potential.

        You have to be someone like Manny Pacquiao who had already won a championship belt before getting the support of the Philippines. You have to be known as the vocalist of a well known American band Journey, like Arnel Pineda, before you are acknowledged by the Philippines. You have to be internationally known, like APL de ap, to be recognized by the Philippines (Yes, dark skinned colored people are discriminated). The list goes on and you can totally hear people saying “Pinoy Pride”

        • yes, i agree with you but let us just rephrase some statements… “You have to be someone like Manny Pacquiao who had already won a championship belt before getting the support of the Philippines.”… its not the support of the Philippines that hinders Filipinos to be successful, its the lack of support of the Philippine “Government” that hinders us to do so…. All the Government does is fuck us every damn day…

      • Do not generalize the Filipinos. I was born, raised, educated and I make a decent living here in the Philippines. Not everyone needs to leave and go to a foreign country to be successful. It’s the individual’s hard work and yes, opportunities that come along with it. You talk like you are from a perfect country. All countries have their own share of poverty and corruption. We are proud of Capt. Ravelo because of his success and his Filipino lineage. What’s wrong with that? You don’t have to be sarcastic about it. Again, if you despise my country so much – basing on your criticism and comments, LEAVE!

        • Whats wrong. the article states he is Filipino. he is not he is an American and I’m sure you would react in the same national pride as me if someone claimed something from the Philippines that wasn’t true. BTW I leave all the time I have a second home in Chiang Mai, Thailand which is eons ahead of the Philippines and cheaper.

  4. call it what you want born or raised Filipino ? As an American Filipino and a ex sailor thank you for this story !!! i as well am proud to read such a positive and moving article .

  5. The headlines says the Commander of the USS Abraham Lincoln is a Filipino. That is a lie period. Capt Ron Ravelo was born and raised an American not Filipino. Filipiino’s take credit for this because his mother is from the Philippines? How desperate is that. Nothing about the Captain is Filipino. Born in the U.S. U.S. educated then the American Navy. Not one thing about him is Filipino. Stop claiming our citizens are somehow yours.

    • Hey Donald before you make a comment, better read the whole article and not only the title, because it shows your idiocy here. Captain Ravelo was born in Okinawa, Japan, not in the US, Both his parents are Filipino. He may be an American in status, having lived and studied in the US, but the fact remains, his roots, bloodline and looks are undeniably Filipino who displayed the Filipino character—ingenuity, persistence, determination, resiliency— in his studies to achieve what he wanted to become. So what’s wrong with that?

      • Hopefully, Mr Kennedy isn’t a FILIPINO who’s afflicted with a BAD case of CRAB MENTALITY.

        ANYWAY, FIL-AM or not, this is an accomplishment worthy to be praised and emulated by all…

        • ganyan talaga ang pinoy,, minsan nakakaawa na,, wag nyo angkinin kc di naman pinoy yan,, american yan,, simple kaayo dong sus ko ginoo c binay ang pinoy ,, para makita ang deferensya , ethnic lng nakakahiya kayo.

      • Hey he was born a U.S. citizen period he is not Filipino. My son was born in Okinawa and guess what, he too is an American citizen. It’s your racism at work here. He is American, born American trained American and we are proud of our citizens and don’t like you trying to ride on his coat tails. Blood lines? Looks? How freaking racist are you. We are Americans from everywhere and protect our own despite race or color. So take your backward racist bullshit and stick it. Don’t ever come to the U.S. with your shit your not welcome. If Filipino’s have so much character, ingenuity, persistence and resiliency how come the Philippines is still a backward corrupt country.

        • LOL! You’re so funny Donald the arthritis. You’re the one racist here, not me. What we are discussing here are achievements of only 1 person “Capt Ravelo!” But here you are discriminating and humiliating the entire Filipino nation. and threatening me not to come in the US?

          Well, for your information ass*h*ole, I’m already here, staying in San Diego, same place where Capt Ravelo came from. . So want do you want? Do you want to see me? You Better come back here and shovel up your ass!

          You’re nothing oldman , you’re just a piece of sh*it. I’m a US citizen, but my blood, my color, my mind and my heart is solidly Filipino. Got that id*iot!

          For all the negative comments of yours, what a hypocrite you are! I wonder why for almost 11 years you still staying in the Philippines, spoke like a fag and insulting all the Filipinos! I hope somebody out there will not read your racist comments, because you will end up hanging upside down.
          Tsk,Tsk,tsk, you’ve got an attitude problem oldman. You better go back to school and study the Philippine history.

          • The Truth Hurts but Donald Kennedy is right. We can not take or grab the credit of someone’s effort. Just imagine an example of your abandoned son that raised by others then end of the day he will become the President of your motherland. Still you have the face to say and proud that because he is your son he become a President?

          • Well if your in the U.S. here is what I want you to do. Go up to a big black guy and talk about “bloodlines” and “traits” when it comes to race and Americans. Better yet why don’t you go into the armed forces and find out what equality is. That is how Capt Revelo got to his position in life. American exceptionalism and equality and that is certainly nothing Filipino. Hell right now the Vice President of the Philippines is always disparaged over his dark skin color and as you well know his nick name is “NogNog equivalent to the “N” word in the States.

          • LOL! ha,ha,ha! You Anton gosh what a rat face you’ve got! What an another affected crab mentality retard spotted!

          • you said your heart and mind is a Filipino? so you are claiming that all Filipinos are disrespectful and bad mouthed like you? what a disgrace. Threatening Donald Kennedy as if he was younger than you?

          • Ive been living in the Philippines for 11 years now and every word I have said is true. Now my Filipina wife is scared to travel to Thailand next month from all the scams running at NAIA. Want to know how bad it is here ask the wife of a foreigner what she has to go through.

          • pervert pedophile white people like you who came here in the Philippine, are worst than putting a bullet in the bag, it should be putting the bullet in your head! your worst side is worst than ours, even American are not a proud country only they are strong! they have all the worst thing happen, they always do! in the Philippines the tourist are keep coming back despite of a bullet, an we aware on that , they already got arrested!

        • Donald Racist Kennedy! Shame on you! Don’t say bad comments to the Filipinos because we are not alone we are present in all parts of the world…When you insult a single Filipino blood citizen, same you are insulted all the Filipinos in the world.

          • Well lets see how you feel about your precious Filipino unity after they plant a bullet in your bag.

      • I’m a Filipino but I’m agree with Donald Kennedy. If he is a Filipino he should be a corrupt Navy Officers like the majority of what we have here in the Philippines. If Capt Ravelo displayed his Filipino character, I’m sure this Fleet will screwed up because of corruption…but fortunately he was raised in US that majority of the people are less corrupt or corruption free minded citizen.

        • Shame on you! Not all Filipino blood are corrupt. FYI, corruption culture were introduced by the Americans to the Filipinos during US regime in the Philippines.

          • Of course not all Filipinos are not corrupt but so many are that you have no military and poverty is everywhere.
            1 billion dollars in Yolanda donated by the world and almost all of it stolen leaving tens of thousands devastated.

    • uuhh . . both his parents are Filipino, his father was serving in the Philippine Navy before migrating to the U.S. and served in the U.S. Navy retiring as a U.S. Navy Chief, he lived in Makati, Philippines with his grandmother when his father was stationed in Saigon, therefore grew up in the Filipino culture in the Philippines even if only a time being, even in America, children are raised in their own heritage and culture, Filipino kids would still be brought up how a Filipino family would bring up their child in the Philippines.

      look, i read your other previous comments here, and a lot are concerning the Philippines, i see you’ve been living in the Philippines for the last 11 years, i’m sorry if you had a hard time living here, i can only assume you’re living in Manila by how you are unfairly treated, it is harsh in Manila, i myself have been robbed at gunpoint here, and you’ve been living near people who are not so good by any national standard, you said :

      “These past years Ive watched them cheat their own mothers. Mothers sell their daughters into prostitution. Ive seen it with my own two eyes many times. Their too lazy to stand for and fight for their rights.”

      that’s a very small percentage of Filipinos living in the poverty line, no decent average hard-working middle-class Filipino would do that, only those in very desperate situations who either are there through uncontrollable circumstances or by their own doing(laziness, lack of dreams,passion,drive; short-sightedness in how they should live their life, etc), i’ve lived for 24-26 years in the Philippines, well, my whole life, and only in Manila have i seen these things happening, it’s the poverty in Metro Manila and the false promises of a “greener pasture” that causes this, try living in the more developed cities in the provinces like Iloilo, Davao, Bacolod and others, people are generally nicer there, poverty and crimes are very low, noone’s cheating or scamming foreigners as there are a lot of foreigners living there, these cities are clean, less traffic, and the cost of living is very cheap but you get to experienece the same luxuries that Metro Manila “used to only offer”

      if you’re suffering in Manila, so are a lot of other Filipinos themselves, especially those from the province who are used to a more relaxing setting, try moving out to the provinces and see the difference.

      • No I live in the Province. Small percentage of Filipino’s living in poverty? What unmitigated bullshit! 90% of the country is poor. Out of 92 million people 10 million are OFW supporting other millions in poverty.

        • another carpetbagger, reading your comment, Mr. Kennedy I can safely assume that you’re one of those so called white thrash/white garbage whatever, please try reading the history of the Philippines starting from the day that the americans have screwed the newly born Philippine Republic under

          General Aguinaldo, how the americans started the war by treacherously shooting a Filipino soldier, how the americans ravaged and pillaged the Philippines, how your leaders lied and misled the american people that the Filipino people are uneducated (even though our University of Santo Tomas is much older that your country’s first university the Harvard University), and claiming that the Filipinos were uncapable of governing themselves to justify the plan to turn the Philippines into a colony thereby making it easier too steal its natural resources, by instituting an exchange rate of 1 us$:2 php and to turn the Filipino people into a source of cheap labor, how your country dragged the Philippines into worldwar II resulting in making Manila one of the most damaged city in world, try visiting Intramuros in manila, until now the ruins are still there for you to see, it’s your country’s bombs that destroy Intramuros, and not the enemy’s, and your country never lifted a finger to help rehabilitate that place…. I could go on and on, but to make it short, it is (my emphasis on is… current progressive) it is your country who is responsible for all this mess…….and you ask….” how come the Philippines is still a backward corrupt country”

          Mr Kennedy try to do some reading on history before making insensible comments it just show your ignorance… I bet you are just a high school graduate and simply staying here to stretch the worth of your meager pension, have a nice day though

          • I always get “it’s Americas fault” because of something from 100 years ago. Oh no Filipino’s are not hard headed and self centered. You have concrete bunkers built around your head. Japan 2 nukes, Korea a waste land, Vietnam totaled but look at them, so economically far past the Philippines its sick. Ok I know you want to blame your problems on the bases being here. Well before you do Japan, Korea, Germany, Singapore have major U.S. bases, always have BUT they are a success. Have any other excuses? You gave the same excuses when we were here and 20 years ago you kicked us out. OK 20 years what have you done? Nothing the same corrupt shit never changed.

            What ever you do don’t take responsibility for yourselves that means you just might have to do something. Just do nothing and let China take over.

            Oh if your so educated and so smart then why do all your college grads go to work overseas at slave wages.

          • Don stop it. I know you have all the rights to argue whatever you want. But this is getting ugly. I am hoping you are a shipmate. Close the hatch on this one, OK. Thanks shipmate. Enjoy PI. Come visit us here in Iloilo.

          • I have not said one thing in here that isn’t true. Filipino’s can’t handle the truth. Have to admit to a problem before you can fix it. For instance Thailand my second home. Now they fight for their rights there. Kicked the Government clean out.

          • Mr. Kennedy, the Filipinos May be poor but we take pride on the fact that we support our families through our hardwork…no one, no matter how poor relies on welfare. It’s true that a lot of our college graduates go to different counties to make a living, and that’s because we support our own – we do not rely on anybody else to do that, unlike millions of Americans who depend on government/taxpayers’ money to survive. Filipinos are poor but we are not lazy and when we say, “it’s mine”, it really is because no government welfare check gave it to us.
            By the way, if you are very critical of the Philippines and its citizens, why do you live here? We love Americans and you’re certainly not one of them. So go back to your own counry and maybe you will see and be reminded of the real situation, economy-wise of America – or maybe you do know that’s why you are living in my country, despite your criticism and hatred of it to stretch your pension (as what one commented on here). We allowed you to stay in our “poor” country so just be grateful for that. If not get out, go back to where you came from so maybe you’ll be happier…although I doubt that. You strike me as a hateful and unhappy person. Sucks to be you. Lastly, unless you’re deaf and you didn’t hear his interview (on the video), Capt. Ravelo is Filipnio – he said so himself.

          • Yes they work very hard to support their families and families rally when another of the family is sick or has a big problem. Here is the thing, Filipino’s need to fight for their rights and change. They need to protest to close the bars, clean up the environment, workers rights and descent wages. Filipino’s need to fight Meralco for lower electrical rates and the telecoms for faster internet speeds by forcing them to hook into the Asian internet back bone. Filipino’s don’t, they don’t fight for anything and nothing ever changes. It’s not up to the Government it’s up to the Filipino to make changes.

          • Donald Racist Kennedy! Our Filipino graduates were present in all countries like United States because they need us period. Also, it is embarrassing to come before that one of us has been chosen to lead.

          • How is he “your” graduate. He is an American and graduated from all “American” schools. That makes him “mine” not yours. Your too ignorant to even see how ignorant you are and too racist to see how racist you are. Yes Snowbird I hate to break it to you but the Commander is 100% American so get it through your thick head we have all races and colors 100% American. Just because they are not white does not make them “half” something else.

          • Mr. Kennedy, what you said that ” if your so educated and smart why do ALL your graduates work overseas at slave wages” really shows your IGNORANCE. Worse, it shows your STUPIDITY. With what you wrote, I doubt if you even finished high school. I wonder if your Filipina wife reads all the IDIOCY you write. WaSTE OF TIME RESPONDING TO YOUR INSANE COMMENTS.

        • Kindly enlighten us, Filipinos, on the statistic you cited that 90% of the Filipinos are POOR. First time that I have read such statistic. Thank you and kind regards.

          • There is a thing called Google, look it up. And uh don’t go by Philippines statistics to the government here everything is just fine.

          • You are really FUNNY, Mr. Donald Kennedy. You cannot cite the source of your statistic of your “UNMITIGATED BULLSHIT 90% OF THE COUNTRY IS POOR.” Your only answer “GOGGLE, LOO IT UP.” Now, it is confirmed to me on what kind of person you are. Sorry that I even wasted my time asking you the question on your statistic that “90% of the country is poor.”

          • Google another american propagandist…..generalizing Filipinos and yet married to a young Filipina tsk!tsk!tsk! what a looser….Go back to U.S of A oh wait you can’t because your Pension cannot support your living so you stuck in our poor country just to stay alive……90 percent poverty rate huh!? now that’s new…redneck like you should stay inside a house and never go out….and for your info the only people to be worthy to be called American are the native one you know….the Indians….you and your sorry white trash ancestor are just settler…………..

          • The country is so bad your willing to elect Duterte and Marcos because change is needed so bad. I bet you won’t tell us Americans to go home when China really threatens you will you. All you anti-American hypocrites shut your mouth tight during and after Yolanda struck.

            Your still pitiful claiming Capt Revelo as yours. Hey he is American will you tell him to go home? Of course not because your racist hypocrites.

          • It depend how you define poor. in philippines only 25% of population are poor because government low threshold to be consider poor

      • wag nyo nga pinagdiinan ,, nakakahiya naman kayo,, lalo nyo ilalagay tayo sa kakahiyaan,,he is american ,, sa america yon tao pinanganak , nag aaral at lumaki,,yon ethnic lng nya ang pinoy,,,proud to be pinoy nakakahiya kayo,,,wag kayo ganyan,, yan c binay ang totoo pinoy,, yan ang gawin nyo proud pinoy.. tapos wala ng ardomento pa,,, cguro naman nakaintindi naman kayo ng tagalog.

    • Ethnic background is certainly Filipino. Since he is a first generation child of immigrants from the Philippines he is like many others linked back to the homeland of his parents. Marco Rubio is treated the same way–Cuban even though he was born and educated in the United States. Why does the author go out of the way to present the Filipino background. I think it is because Filipinos are often just as walked over by whites as many black people have been and the author is trying to show that maybe for the first time that is not happening. I spent 18 months in the PI so I am glad to see this Captain move forward with DNA from there. Having been born on Okinawa were his parents American citizens at that time–doubtful since citizenship awaited most Filipino sailors until they retired in most cases. I would think the Captain is a naturalized citizen, but not native born. I could be wrong.

      • Like I said Ive lived in the Philippines these past 11 years. It’s foreigners that get walked on Filipinos. They walk on each other. If their a shade darker skin color they get made fun off or from the mountains. I haven’t known a single Aetas to hold descent job and especially none in Government. Discrimination against women is barbaric in the Government and Church. Sexual harassment by employers and teachers on students is staggering. The Government can close the prostitution bars anytime they want but they don’t to keep girls at their fingertips. Now The Philippines is the only country in the world with no divorce and why? Religious beliefs? No, it’s so mens wives can’t divorce them leaving them free to keep mistresses even when the wife knows, she can do nothing.

          • look at his wife of donald a young filipina a poor victim of this proud of old soft penis himself , who keep insulting filipino, shame on you , you disgust filipino and your wife is a filipino? how stupid you are, you need to fix your brain!

        • I am a Filipino for the past 39 years and could you please enlighten me about your comment “Discrimination against women is barbaric in the Government and Church”, we had 2 women presidents. “Sexual harassment by employers and teachers on students is staggering” do you have any sources, figures or articles show that it is “staggering” than you have there in America? is the Fort Wood shooting and school killings worse than that? Looks like you are just a small-minded bigot and a looser getting upset calling his American compatriot as Filipino. I wonder how you are going to react if Ravelo accidentally spills coffee on you without uniform.

          • You know something. I get tired of looking up and posting what you could do yourself. Try Google a little and you will see my stated facts are true.

          • Donald Racist Kennedy! Staying 11 years in the Philippines is not enough for you to say bad comments about Filipinos…You don’t know us…You knew only your crap…

          • can’t blamed you saying that…but, not all Filipinos are like that. WELL, maybe, most Filipinos are using their powers again’ts Filipinos specially to the poor Filipinos in Philippine. people will not agree but it’s true it’s really hard to accepted the truth…

    • A citizenship is a priviledge of a certain country…Look at him! Look at him squarely! He is an american?

      • It’s the racist mind that looks at color then determines where they are from. I bet you look at Black people and think their from Uganda.

  6. @Donald Kennedy and all: Oh come on guys! Get over it. WTF are we arguing for nothing. Yes the headline said he is a Filipino, when it should have said he is a “Filipino American”. In the article however, it states he is “a history making Filipino American Captain”. No big deal. We have all kinds of nationality in America. But we are all Americans by the end of the day. For goodness sake CINC/POTUS is Kenyan. You have to be an American to command a United States Navy Warship, especially an aircraft carrier. But you can be anything Europeans, anything Asians, anything Africans, anything Middle Eastern or from Mars, as long as you serve in the Arm forces of the United States of America, you are Americans or have the choice to be Americans. But to command a carrier, you have to be an American first. Im happy that a Filipino American has finally made it there with the special people who have become CVN CO’s. “Haze gray under way”.

  7. It’s a shame folks here are fighting over trivial matters and missing the point of the article.
    The article called the good captain as fil-am because the he mentioned his Filipino heritage. The title just emphasized his Filipino background because it’s featured on Manila Livewire after all.

    Congratulations Capt. Ravelo.

  8. He is an american not a Filipino it’s so happen that he was born by a filipino parents but he was raised as an american. this is a nonsense argument that even the captain will be laugh if he sees this. Congratz to Capt. Ravelo your service is highly appreciated by everyone.

    • American citizen not american the Capt.is pure blooded Filipino with American citizenship he was Americanized in papers…that’s why when the media in the U.S describing somebody for example Black people they are called African/American or for Asian they will say Asian /american…..the only worthy of calling Americans is the Native Indians…white people ancestor are settler from different parts of Europe….

      • You are right, he is an American citizen not an American because if you say “American” they always refer to the white people. I remember a story on the life of the great Bruce Lee when confronted by his mother-in-law to be when Bruce Lee was saying “I am an American too” and the mother said “you are an American citizen not an American”. It’s obvious that the word “American” she was referring to was for the white people.

      • Do you call Ronald Reagan and John F Kenedy Americanized Irish or Dwight D Eisenhower Americanized German. Your logic sucks.

        • reagan is irish-american but sometimes we just all call them plainly americans – black, white, brown, yellow…etc.

      • Thanks to colonization,he is a mixed breed. Do you all have any sense of sovereign pride, still sucking up to your past colonial masters who have committed much atrocities to your ancestors? Likewise, counting Japan as an ally despite the millions of your ancestors killed by the Japanese during the war?

    • he is a filipino-american. blacks are called african-american. irish-american, italian-american, and others…
      the only native people in america and canada are the indians. the rest are immigrants.

  9. Here is another attempt to ride on the coat tails of an American. Bobby Murphy co-founder of snapchat. ABS-CBN claims he is a “FilAm” in this article. http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/business/09/30/15/fil-am-behind-snapchat-among-forbes-400-richest-billionaires

    Of course like all things Filipino’s claim Bobby Murphy was born an American in Berkly, California and educated at Stanford University. he is one of the youngest billionaires in the world and not one thing Filipino got him there it was all American. Oh and how many Filipino’s have the last name of ‘Murphy”

      • Let me say this. I can’t even tell or talk about the things that have happened to me here. I will say this. Ive been in some terrifying situations here enough that I can truly say the U.N. is right in putting out travel warning for the Philippines. It’s gotten so bad the wife and I have decided to move to Thailand.

  10. Ravelo may have Filipino blood and a Filipino name but he is 100% American in spirit, ready to preserve & defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, including the Philippines if ever it comes to that. He became the person he is now because he was schooled & trained in America by Americans. In other words, we had nothing to do with what he made of himself which is nothing short of exceptional. He may have a soft heart for the Philippines because of his bloodline but that’s all there is to it. Let’s just be proud of the guy & get on with our lives.

    • I agree with you! Typical Filo trait of clinging to other person’s fame! It is sickening to realize how desperate Filos look for something they could be proud of to mask the situation of the country and all its ugly truth.

      • kapag di kaya tapatan ng kapwa pinoy ang naachieve, pinoy pride. kapag kaya nila tapatan, crab mentality naman

  11. Why are people proud of this Capt. Ravelo? Sure he has a Filipino blood running in his veins but he is an American citizen who swore allegiance to the US government. He may have reached a place of honor in the US as the Commanding Officer of a huge war vessel, but apart from his military achievements there is no indication that he has made himself valuable to the Philippines. We should instead commend and honor our very own Commander Angel Viliran of the Philippine Coast Guard whose tiny and ill-equipped ship figured in a stand-off with the Taiwanese Coast Guard double its size and capability in Batanes. Cut off from the headquarters and with no radio equipment, he bravely stood ground against the intruding Taiwan Coast Guard and led his men into singing Lupang Hinirang in a courageous display of willingness to die for our country.

    • Stopped with all this non sense the article is just stating Capt. Ravelo a Filipino American who achieve a lot in a foreign country. You people should be proud of his accomplishment regardless it was in the U.S or the Philippines.. There’s shouldn’t be any comparison what Angel Viran has done for what Capt. Ravelo accomplishment. smh!

  12. Filipinos, kababayans should not force people of FIlipino descent who are born and raised in other countries to be Filipinos and ram it in everybody’s throat that he/she should be identified as one. The correct thing to do would be to just stay quiet about that person’s background and not force fit anything, and identify him to be Filipino even though he is not from the Philippines. If we want to talk about such person, we should talk about it in terms of him being an (insert nationality) first and background second. This is to avoid putting that person in a spot and alienating him/herself from his fellow citizen. This is because if he is, say, an american and american citizen, it would pissed many of his fellow americans to know or read about it in a news article that that person is being identified not as fellow american but as someone who is having “loyalty” to another nationality.. If those people that keep ramming to everybody’s throat that a person is and should be identified as Filipino even though he/she is born and raised in another country, please don’t do that. It’s not necessary because even if one may not identify himself as Filipino, by default his lineage is Filipino so it’s not necessary to say anything more. Let us just let that person decide for himself who or what he is first and what is second. Let’s just be glad from a distance that at least a person has achieve something nice and worthwhile and we can at least say quietly that he/she has connection with us.

  13. But he still have to prove to exceed the exploit of Lapu-lapu, our first hero who even without a navy, defeated in Mactan an admiral of the Spanish fleet.

  14. Kung di sana umalis ang US bases sa Subic marami sana yan, Di lang sana si Cpt Ravelo, baka buong Carrier puro pinoy ang Crew at Offrs. he hehe.

  15. he is definitely not Filipino but an american period. i commend his achievements though but not a filipino and his loyalty is with the united states of america

  16. Im proud of his Filipino ancestry.
    But let be known to all that el capitan is an American of Filipino descent.
    Filipino name and features but 100% American.
    Born, raised and educated in the USA.

    • So far the best comments I’ve seen… Yes his an American – with a Filipino descent. In America there is no such a thing as hyphenated Americans, like Irish American, African American. They are all Americans and proud of it, at the same they were also proud of there ethnic background. Political correctness run amok in the American society and started hyphenating ethnic backgrounds.

  17. here comes filipinos again so what if he is filipino the whole race wants to take a piggy back ride go look for your own accomplishments. so boastful.

  18. He may be American bred but he has 100% Pinoy look, not a mestizo. Feeling proud of his accomplishments. He, himself, is proud of his heritage and his parents. Just glad to be informed that there’s a very high ranking Fil-Am commander keeping this great nation of the USA safe. I don’t care about riding any coat-tails, thanks for the information.

  19. Do you see any Philippine flag there? How about an American flag? So answer me this: which country is he serving and to which country is he loyal to? You don’t say… Oh yeah, HE’S AN AMERICAN!

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