Following the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision favoring the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) between the Philippines and the United States, lefties groups in the Philippines went out to the streets to protest the decision.

Bayan Muna and the league of Filipino Students (a student group sponsored by Bayan Muna) held a rally in front of the U.S. Embassy, January 20, in Manila to denounce the EDCA. Units of PNP that was stationed at the U.S. Embassy quickly lined up to disperse the group of rallyist because of lack of permit-to-rally.

Bayan Muna activist threw house paint over the police units stationed at the U.S Embassy, a Police woman was caught off guard when an activist threw paint on her at close range, the paint splashed all over her uniform but the Police woman which has been identified as PSI Rodelissa Naoy stood her ground unshaken.

Image credit: Noel Celis
Image credit: Noel Celis

PSI Rodelissa Naoy is the team leader of the PNP dispersing team stationed at the U.S embassy.

On a statement, PSI Rodelisa Naoy said that they were merely doing their duty and that the activist should have restrained themselves on reckless acts.

Irritated Netizens quickly expressed their displeasure on social media, one social media user said:

“They are the same BAYAN MUNA militants who claim and demand justice for the PNP-SAF 44.”

Another wrote, “partylist should be abolished because its just a waste of government funds and a nuisance in the society.”

One netizen managed to involved the West Philippine Sea issue, saying:  “I have yet to see this group rally against chinese occupation of philippine islands in the West Philippine Seas. if indeed they are makabayan as they kept saying they are, they should spend all their resources and energy against china. “ipaglaban ang pambansang soberanya”, china ba ang bayan nila?”

No apologies from Bayan Muna ever came to Police Officer Rodelisa Naoy until now. -John Esconde



  1. kaya hindi o onlad ang bayan natin dahil sa mga taong ito… tama mga nuisance ito sa ating bansa walang na idolot na kabotihan lahat ay mali….akala nila magaling sila… baka mga corrupt din ito.. sana e credit check ito sa government at tingnan if my pera ba na malaki na eni deposit sa account nila sa mga araw na nag rarally sila..

    • I agree 100%. With the partylists system, our congress has ballooned with no perceptible good result. There are now more than 300 congressmen which is just about half of the numbers of the congressmen in the United States of America Congress and the Philippines is not even one tenth the size of America.

    • Someone should get to the bottom of this. MANILA LIVEWIRE and THE MAHARLIKAN should clarify matters.

    • Renato,

      Lets say the news article is fabricated, she got paint in other means…..
      Why doesn’t Bayan Muna protest the Chinese incursion into Philippine territories?
      If you are truly forward thinking and for the people is masses, why not also tackle the injustice done to the masses by China?
      We would like a simple truthful answer, not a political diatribe or spin to defer the subject.

  2. Bayan muna embraces leftist Idealogy. Their agenda is to overthrow the democratic government. Their military arm, the NPA has been actively promoting the communist Idealogy through intimidation. It is regrettable that a true soldier, Gen. Palparan was unjustly incarcerated after doing his job of eliminating the pestering communists recruits. Maybe a law should be passed to declare that any act that promotes anti-democratic principles is treason punishable by death.

  3. These police were just doing their duties because it is the integral part of their oath and obligation to our country to maintain peace and order as policemen and policewomen. There is no reason or any justification to be rude to them or in this case throw a paint to a policewoman. The leader of the party list or bayan muna should have exercise and show some respect and composure to the police officer. This is not a good example of a leader.

  4. Mayor Duterte, ano po kaya ang gagawin ninyo dito sa pinuno ng Bayan Muna kung kayo po ang mahalal na pangulo ng bansa, lalo na kapagka masyadong kabastusan na ang ginagawa?

  5. hay nako,,,renato kung kayo ang hinagisan ng pintora sa mga pulis ano ang masasabi mo???tatawag kayo human rights mga bopols kayo.

  6. Sana may politikong mag credit check sa mga leader ng bayan muna malamang may malaking pera sa kanilang deposit history nana i deposit towing may malawakang rally na nangyayari…e basura na itong party list golo lang na e dudolot sa bansa kaya hindi omo onlad ang philippines ma sahol pa sila sa criminal kasi kapag may project na makabuboti sa lahat itong mga onggoy na ito palagi mag against…. yong babalo nayon e credit check yon….tingnan yong deposit history sa bank nya…

  7. As some have noted, Bayan (mutiny) Muna is a fabrication of left wing Mainland China sympathizers.
    Why not protest against the incursions?
    Why not protest illegal drug lords?
    Why HATE others with different views? Is this the lesson to be taught future leaders?

    Duterte will listen, he will allow dialogue. Let a police officer be assaulted like this and see if there aren’t immediate arrests.
    Why do people allow this type of social scum to persist?

  8. Another thought…..Command responsibility

    Shouldn’t leaders such as Renato Reyes be held liable for the acts of his followers?
    If he can’t assure peaceful protests, they should be denied entry or pay fees for demonstrations and refund monies only after damage, assaults, arrest bails and related deducted. Then watch how they will behave.

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