During her first press conference Sunday evening following her home coming, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach defended her stance over the presence of the American military forces in the Philippines.

Wurtzbach did not hesitate to defend her views on the issue amid criticism earlier from various militant groups like Bayan Muna.

Wurtzbach said that “(US) military presence is different from (setting up permanent) military bases. Military presence sounds to me like an aid, military help, (and) security.”

“It doesn’t sound like negative at all… that’s why, I actually sticked with my answer, although if some people feel very strongly against it,” said Wurtzbach.

Watch the video:

-John Esconde



  1. Philippines cannot survived without the Americans. Let them stay free of charge. Better yet, be the 51 state after Hawaii

  2. I don’t know what the fuss is all about concerning US military presence here, even if it were military bases. If these groups who are anti-American think the US is about to take over and colonize us, then they’re really paranoid. The US could have done that after World War II but instead they chose to give us complete freedom and sovereignty. People speak strongly about racism in the US, but these groups who can’t see the need for US military presence are nothing more than racists who think they will fall inferior if Americans are let into our country. Open your eyes guys! The real enemy is China. It is China who wants to dominate its neighboring small countries. We should even be grateful to the US because inspite of the fact that their hands are tied up on issues and crises all over the world, they still choose to defend us poor Filipinos. Where’s your sense of gratitude if you can’t see the truth to the matter that we are not that capable of defending ourselves. Ahh… ewan ko sa inyo! Puro kasi kayo pride at yabang. Mga niluluklok niyo naman, ninanakawan lang kayo. Isip-isip muna!

      • Then maybe they should all go live in China because it is what the majority wants that will prevail, and it’s definitely not communism.

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