16. Many people will become refugees.



17. United Nation will come to intervene.

U.N. peacekeepers drive tank as they patrol past deserted Kibati village




  1. I do not think this is possible… given that both the US, Australia and Japan will be mobilizing (has mobilized) navy assets near the Philippines and are monitoring Chinese movement. Especially if the decision at The Hague will be to the favor of international law (and the Philippine case)… US, Australia, Japan will definitely want the West Philippine Sea be international waters rather than annexed by Chinese forces… these nations will “use” international law (and The Hague decision) as basis to be on international waters and any provocation against them will be a declaration of war from China rather than them.

    Yes there are pronouncements from leftist group against the US and Japan placing military assets on areas of the Philippines but I think whatever they say will not affect the ultimate concern of a possible invasion – given that the country has no real way to defend itself. I believe the former AFP Chief said that it’ll only take 15mins for a total take-over – no thanks really to him and his Generals… who bought assets for internal conflicts (which is stupid, given that for years we’ve handled them with the normal budget) rather than a defense system.

  2. You cannot really be sure that because the Chinese out-numbers their enemies, it is more the tactics in warfare that counts. China would be facing not only the Phl, but also Japan and allies namely US, Australia, New Zealand etc.

  3. This time the muslims in Turkey hates the Chinese because of their persecution of the Uighurs. All muslims in Mindanao and other muslims in SEAsia might get together.

  4. I believe you. We have so much patience but when we really “boil up” we explode. We Filipinos know our temper.

  5. Well, the very rich Filipinos have their own private jets. Even Pacquiao has his own private jet.

  6. Poverty overshadows our smartness. People receiving “lagay” from politicians are automatically bought. Sometimes, because this corrupt candidate is known to some voters as their ‘kumpare’, ‘kumare’, or ‘bro’ then they vote for this candidate. Sometimes, intimidation too.

  7. China will start rebuilding from scratch after the war. Many deaths and destructions of lands and properties will follow after the war. The Phl would be doing the same, maybe also in Japan.

  8. it will not happened because it will be immediately anticipated by U.S and JAPAN.do u think if an invasion by china in RP takes place ,it will take a long time?i dont think so it will gonna be a short war because it involves nuke the U.S had already deployed their trident subs near the philippine area for sure and the chinese knows these so they cannot just invade us … in their dreams hehhe

    • better yet, don’t piss off the other countries by invading philippines. those chinese leading dicks.

  9. I’m pretty sure that once a nuke is used, no matter from which side, there will be no turning back and nobody wins. It would be a losing situation for all. But then again, China has shown that they can and will kill their own. 🙁

    • China can afford to sacrifice a few hundred million of her citizens to refertilise the soil. How many pinoys can you sacrifice?

      • Thank you, you’ve just confirmed that “China has shown that they can and will kill their own.” How many Pinoys can “I” sacrifice? The answer would of course be zero. Given no other options, the Filipino will defend their sovereignty against the big bully of the seas. You talk big, so are you willing to sacrifice yourself and family to defend a Communist Party lie? Next month, there will be a decision made that seems like it will go against China. Nothing that China has said or promised has held water as China has continued to lie its way around the Western Philippine Sea. Next month China will be scrutinized by the international community and will suffer the consequences for their stubbornness.

        • Haha, pinoy, pinoy, when will you ever wake up to geopolitical reality? Clean up the filth in your backyard. Look around yourself. Do you all look alike or more like descendants of spanish n american bastards? You are still sucking up to your american ancestors who left behind so many halfbreeds.

          • That’s all you got? What an idiotic, no substance, troll-like response. Who looks alike? You all do, we’re not inbreeds like you. Your flattery will get you nowhere here, mister.

          • Japan killed millions of your ancestors n you count Japan as an ally.

            The US killed tens of 000s of your ancestors n made halfbreeds of Pinoys n you still suck to the US n believe that the US will come to your aid should China attacks you.

            You have played yourself into the hands of Japan n the US n you are still suspicious of China.

            Dude, China is not your enemy. China is your friend who will help you prosper together.

            Wake up from your Hollywood dreams.

  10. Who ever created this scenarios u should inform the president to know about this possible things that could happen if china attacks philippines…… Inform the highest people like in military or government to prevent some of the worst scenariuos because if they can not it would take 5-6 years for the phillipines to rise again.

  11. Ang naka tatakot ay,, Kong na alala nyo pa,, ang nang yari sa mga pilipino,, noon world War 2,, ang daming pinatay sa maynila,, lahat bata matanda,,, ka wawa,, pinatay ng walang ka laban2x,,,,,, hanggang ngayon diparin na Toto, ang goberno natin,,, para palakasin ang depensa natin,, puro bulsa ang Laman ng mga utak nila,,

  12. kami na kabahagi ng ating sandatahang lakas will die for our country but we will give this chinese a good fight. we are not trained to run and surrender but rather to kill and die for our freedom. we may not win the war but we will inflict unforgettable damage to them. di na baleng mamatay kami na lumalaban keysa tingnan ang aming mahal na bayan na sinasakop at nagdurusa sa kamay ng banyaga. WE live for nothing but we will die for something.

    • YES, alam ba ninyong mas magagaling tayong mga Pilipinong bumaril at tatama ang mga bala sa kalaban natin?? Mayroon tayong natural strength na wala ang mga Chinese…alam ba ninyo?? MGA mata ng mga Pilipino ay maliliwanag at malalayo ang mga paningin…kaya nating bumaril ng isang enemy na BULL’S EYE dahil nakikita natin nang maayos ang mga kalaban..

      Ang mga Chinese ay mahihina ang mga mata..malalabo..kaya kayang-kaya nating patayin silang lahat..

      LUMABAN TAYO SA mga CHINESE! Di nila kaya ang mga Pilipino! SEND THOSE CHINESE in Hell!

      • Your chinese businessmen are scoffing at you. Big talk without substance.

        Why wud China even want the Phils? What can you possibly give to China but lazy bones n hungry mouths to feed?

    • Some of us ex ROTC grads are with you bro. We will make the ultimate sacrifice when the time is right. We wont let you fight for us alone. There are almost 95Million of us. 5Million lang lumaban sa kahit anong pang invading forces dito di sila magwawagi. Dapat ipamulat ang mga dinanas ng ating bansa at mamamayan sa ilalim ng mga dayuhan. di na sila dapat payagang makapanaig sa atin. Mabuhay ang pilipino!

  13. Corrupt politicians & non corrupt will leave the phils, rich…only poor and middle income will be fighting back Chinese maggots..

  14. Pinapakita lang ng nagsulat dito na maka china sya

    halata naman napabor lahat sa china ang resulta eh
    parang tanga lang..


  16. They can’t invade us. Do
    you know that china help the northkorea on cold war in korea. They sent 300k
    soldier.We sent 7k only.In one battle they sent 40k.The UN forces like
    US,Uk,Australia and othe Un forces retreat but the Filipino soldiers stay and
    fight.After the battle we defeat them.The dead bodies of chinese scattered in
    the battle field.We just take few deaths.LONG LIVE THE PHILIPPINES

  17. ano ba kayo nakainvade na eh within the Philippine Treaty Limits na sa treaty of Paris. Kasi ayon kay Dean Merlin Magallona sa UP Pinas pa rin you occupied nila ayon sa treaty na ginawang regime islands ni Sen. Sonny Trillanes.

  18. nasaan nayong paltik ko na .357 babaril ako ng mga insik.. yon lang siguro ang paraan na gagawin ko kung nandyan na yong mga insik sa bakuran ko..

  19. Really? its because you surrender already before any invaders come, look at you remember the all out war by Marcos admin ur pulverized then again during Eraps time ur humiliated nakahinga lng kyo nung nakialam na IOC….wag nyong angkinin ang pakikipaglaban ng mga Visayan natives..

    • You can be certain because it will be in their own best interests to prevent the PRC from establishing regional hegemony, and when better than at the beginning? The Philippines is America’s former colony and oldest treaty ally in Asia. America understands its treaty commitments around the world will be seen as meaningless if it doesn’t react decisively in the event the Philippines has to invoke the Mutual Defense Treaty of 1951.

      • 300 yrs under Spain n 100 yrs under the US. Talk about Chinese hegemony when the US has got bases all over the world while China has none.

        Talk about Pinoy nationalistic pride, it must be very much misplaced.

  20. the Chinese are not dumb! they will not attack Philippines because we are one of their assets! malaki ang kinikita nila sa aten!

    • it goes by the same to them. countries economically grow through trade and human resources. its just that philippines has lighter (even avoidable) business system [if there is one] which you can abuse.

  21. Scenario #25: Hundreds of thousands of cosmetic stores would open around the island so every filipino who survived the first wave of bombs dropped by the Chinese will buy EYE LINERS and put it on their eyes ( check line just to look like chinese eyes) so that chinese army wount shoot them as they will think that these people are also chinese 😀

  22. It may be a possible outcome and its certainty is real.
    like my history teacher said and i quote ” War is the best tool to reconstruct/change a country”

    i too will fight for my country (ideally).

  23. a lot of those scenarios are common sense… 17 scenarios that COULD happen? number 1, 2, and 3 shouldn’t even be on the list as they would automatically happen.

  24. actually filipino chinese people have been there for a really long time and they would consider themselves as filipino. they distinguish themselves as different or separate from China. similar to how taiwanese or people from hong kong like to separate themselves from the mainland. while koreans just recently started going to philippines to learn english. anyways, don’t be so ignorant.

    • Prior to Scenario #1, The Philippinr Government is so pre-occupied with vast infrastructure projects like road widening and reblocking, old bridge replacements, light and heavy railway constructions, etc.. Preparing the country for a Chinese Handover just like Hongkong. The Military Modernization and National Defense Preparations is intentionally being delayed by a covert force at work at AFP, DND and Malacanyang.

  25. Everyone seems generally confused by all this for example Christians don’t advocate violence do we? Soldiers kill People right? no My father told me after when I was encouraged to join a simple fact ( his ship harbored in Gensan for water after Naval Battle WWII interestingly enough ) he commented 80% of the casualties are poor and worse yet always mostly Women and children . So now my family is Filipino as I am part.

    Perhaps we should refer to the bible as I teach that. We have several commandments referring to lust of thy neighbor his wife. One about killing or murder? Is that what it means absolutely not. As a bible teacher soldier and occupant of the Philippines I can tell you from being able to read the original Hebrew, Latin copies the words used are often mistranslated more realistic view is God the father had a simple message condensed down to one sentence ” You shall not kill to to posses your brother’s things of wife. ”
    I also see a lot of hate here? You’ll notice the super carrier Nimitz is there 3 attack new breed of Submarine and it is the US who is confronting the Chinese there.
    Recently I have heard a lot about Subic Bay and Americans attacking Filipinos well I served there and recently visited there and the problems remains Australian Sexual Tourists. I recall escort f Marcos to the plane after he lost the by a landslide he was much the same denied everything. Sure he fought the Japanese strangely being there and listing to Him and my hero Cardinal Sin perhaps I wonder what the super warrior did when Japan invaded the Philippines because he was 7-12 years old then depending on what birth certificate he was using ? Lion of Asia no I was there he was nothing but a Man who nearly destroyed his own people Cory died in 2010 she was far stronger then either Marcos and I’m watching her husband’s namesake to see if he was a strong or will be as his mother JC

  26. It was Philippines stand by USA during the 2 world wars but in case China attack PH I doubt USA will come to aid. Our friends Mavericks is right , our soldiers were trained to die for our country. I’m one of thousands reserve officers always ready to serve if our country is under fire. Even my kids start to hate the Chinese because the bullying in WPS.

  27. are they capable of invading philippines? if they are….they’ve got balls to do it??? some people think far beyond the realities..

  28. Anyways, I don’t think that China will invade the Philippines. The only problems here are people who think that China is some sort of Asian Nazi country.

  29. The US wouldn’t go to war with China over the Philippines, it’s not worth it. Anyways, China’s not gonna invade the Philippines, so that’s not really a problem.

    Can’t we just all be friends?

    • Of course, why not? Filipinos are peace loving people. We dont make war unless war comes to our shores. We only defend our shores and country. If only the chinese leaders will back-off from the islands. but what they did is so bad they cant back-off now. They have made a problem they cant back-off. Unless some people there are level headed enough to stop and reason things out without the use of force. I have been to China many times and i see the chinese people are very welcoming and friendly. Its just probably the communist leadership that thinks that way.

      • The Communist leadership isn’t bad, it’s just that they’re very stubborn. Personally, I support the Communist Party, but sometimes I think that they’re wrong. Like the Islands. Just divide them equally, goddamit, and everyone’s happy. Unfortunately, I have no way to change that. ;_;

        • why divide, it is ours! in fact, taken from us. if you have two daughters, would you give away one to an enemy?
          the communist leadership is bad bad bad – they are the brains behind all these land grabbing.

          • Yes it’s unfortunate and what’s even more unfortunately here in the United States we have nobody in the White House to enforce our allies commitments!

    • You are a moron. We would nuke those dirty Reds before China would take the Philippines. Chicken bleep Chinese army hasn’t fought anyone in a long time, they wouldn’t last much more than a few weeks.

  30. More likely China will not invade PH but Korea with American military to show their power then to conquer Japan as their number one competition in industrial manufacturing also a revenge in WW2 trying to get Manchuria, so If that happen then the rest in Asia will immediately surrender to buy all their cheaper products. My assessment only.

  31. the u.s. navy will not able to operate freely in the south china sea, it’s well within chinese missile strike range. 🙂

      • aegis may able to track 200 targets and engage 20 of them simultaneously.

        it takes about 3 standard missiles to successfully intercept one incoming anti ship missile (and it’s not even supersonic and without heavy jamming and decoy droids). the largest u.s. aegis holds around 68 standard missiles.

        the ciws may able to fire five 20 second bursts before running out of ammo and it will reset itself and stay still. the reloading is manual.

        china can easily fire hundreds and thousands of anti ship missile of all kinds at once, many of them supersonic and the battle zone will be heavily jammed.

        just how many waves can your aegis and phalanx ciws fight off before emptying your magazines? 🙂

        • You’re delusional we have a strategic advantage in every way over the Chinese. My Navy friends can’t even talk about some of the special gifts we have for the Chinese Navy.

          • care to say what “strategic advantage” in every way over china? everything “strategic” is well within chinese missile ranges. 🙂

            and your navy friends have just nothing to send to china as a special gift instead. 🙂

          • that’s a wrong assumption.

            china has been pragmatic instead of optimistic. that’s why it has always kept its head down for the past decades working hard to build up its strength. 🙂

          • your chinamen friends have gained strength by stealing US technology just like the russians.
            Your admiration for thieves reflects the values of your little yellow friends

  32. Explains why I see the GOP winning back the White House in 2016 due to the backlash against Obama’s weak-ass foreign policy!

  33. We would destroy China….their highly touted Navy would go up in blazes. Chinese are by nature chickens, cowards. and sissies.

  34. ‘Wag kayo kakabahan matulad kayo sa mga kumikita ng limpak-limpak habang “napapanganib” raw ang Pilipinas, kalokohan yon, alam nila na hindi makakapayag ang Australia at USA na mangyari iyon kaya tuloy pa rin ang pag-nenegosyo nila! Sa isipan nila ay babalik uli ang mga ‘Kano kasama mga “allies” nila to protect and safeguard Australia w/ch is a source of uranium and other nuclear materiel so they cannot allow that to be threatened, oh ‘di ba!? Hindi lang para sa nuclear arsenal nila but for their very big business of nuclear energy ‘production’ so what’s the problem with Pilipino oligarchs making money from the PROC as well, right?!?

  35. They are the sweet talking Pinoys, where do they get their subsistence…from the poor who are working hard. their boss in air condition rooms, even drinking wine…

  36. our communication will be hacked by china, so no transmission of communication in and out to philippines. Electrical power will be shut off, most of CEOs of our power national grid were from china. CebuPac and PAL will stop its international and domestic flight, Tan and Gokongwei were chinese puppets, so no politicians can escape, also PNB, Allied Bank, BDO, Chinabank and so on will close, no ATM services and will go off line simultaenously, all philippine assets, gold and other will be hand over to china.

  37. if the title of this article was “The reason why China would want to Invade Manila” then the first on the list would be – Because the Filipinos are dumb to idolize America and blindly allowing them to exploit the country by letting US Military presence come in with enough logistics for early and advance offensive to open China’s sea borders.

  38. mga kapatid, please po sa akin lang, I go for healthy discussions, waste of time lang ang kantyaman at husgahan at bangayan. baket hayaan naten magpahayag ang lahat. i analyze ang sinabi, i verify bago mag post ng tanong o patunayan ang sasabihin naten with proof. Lahat ng militante, NPA, Labor Unions, simbahan, barkada at lahat ng tao may gustong ipahayag o gustong magbigay ng warning. Karamihan lang sa atin hiindi marunong makinig.

    Kapag marunong po tayo makinig, nadadagdagan ang talino po naten at mas may laman ang sinasabi naten, nababasawan po naten ang ingay na gumugulo sa isipan ng maraming tao at kadalasan nagdudulot ng kaguluhan, tulad ng walang katapusang insurgency sa Mindanao at ang peligrong World War sanhi ng Syria at US presence sa Middle East.

    Salamat po

  39. sa opinion ko isa pang reason Why China would invade the Philippines eh at ang motibo na ito ay defensive SAKALING may Global Conflict ay:

    2. During conventional warfare (without Nuclear Missiles) – China would invade the Philippine Islands as a DEFENSIVE shield and put advance tactical battery cannons to deter incoming naval attacks. The same reason why the US would want to put Militarized tactical equipment here for OFFENSIVE reasons.

    ang magagawa lang ng Pinoy eh magdasal, kase tayo ang unang makakatikim ng lupit ng gyera sakaling hindi mapigil ang Global Encounter. salamat po, I love you all.

  40. China invading the Philippines is not likely to happen, because our country has already been invaded by US without a single shot fired. Our government begged them to do it by using the misguided sentiments of the people by a one sided propaganda staged mostly by media.

  41. 18. Either Baguio, Cebu or Davao will be declared as the emergency capital. The best places for being isolated (Baguio), centrally-located (Cebu) or farthest from the conflict (Davao), yet still comparably-urbanized to host the central government and the stock exchange. Including an existing presidential residence (The Mansion, Malacañang sa Sugbo) or a possible temporary one, with room for Congress and existing (Supreme Court in Baguio) or possible temporary facilities for the Supreme Court.

  42. Nearly all of these scenarios can be expected. But if America and her allies come late, it will only be because the Philippines did not provide them staging facilities here in the first place. And if you think these scenarios look bleak, remember that the same scenarios, and worse, will be visited upon the PRC in spades when America and her allies do come calling.

  43. You forgot the last part. The Philippines will become part of china, just like the little islands they’ve been fighting over

    very good in complaining… but when asked if they are ready to die for there country …all is mute… Money talks…
    Now china clearly .. already.. invade philippine territory …

    CHINA’s message is clear = i (CHINA) already took your atoll’s and island’s… so..you FILIPINO’s what are your doing to do about it… ???

    Filipino’s are better than this… PLS WAKE UP !!! (may b u can put another EDSA like rally vs the chinese..)

  45. You would be so lucky because ten years on, you will see development everywhere whereas hundreds of years under the Spanish n Yankees left you nothing but half breeds.

  46. we are watching them and they are near to their end. masakit sa amin na kapwa pilipino ang aming pinapatay pero ito ay para sa ating kapayapaan.

  47. You guys worry too much! There will be no War. Chinese don’t want Philippine. We have too many ppl need to be fed already in China!

  48. May kulang pa ‘to. Lahat ng mga Intsik at mukhang Intsik uubusin. Walang matitirang buhay sa kanila. ‘Yan ay kung ‘di sila aalis dito. ‘Ika nga, “pest control”.

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