What if Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte won? What do you think would be the headline of the newspapers by that time? Let us now see the future, it’s now 2016 and Rodrigo Duterte is now the new President of the Republic of The Philippines.

1First Lady, who?

Duterte joked about his 4 wives during the last Asia CEO Forum.

Image source: club937.com (left), kickerdaily.com (right)


We all know that Mayor Duterte wanted to slay all the criminals, no more hearings.


Davao has 911 and he will surely implement this all over the Philippines.

4Territorial defence

Duterte said, better to buy a gun boat rather than to acquire a “US made F-16v Viper or Fighting Falcon fighter jet. According to him, we will never win a war versus China.

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He said that he will drop criminals even politicians to Manila Bay and now, this is the effect.

6Human rights?

This is very possible, this man is unstoppable.


He became famous that way and of course everyone can.


He drives his taxi around Davao to catch criminals and now in Metro Manila.

9Death penalty

The death penalty, and yes the prison penal facilities are no more crowded and are comfortable for the incoming convicts.

10Jobless politicians

They are all gone, a dream come true.

11Kidnappers kidnapping kidnappers?

Reference: davaotoday.com

12A law in Davao is now in Metro Manila.

13Job creation

Davao is the safest city in the Philippines. Not impossible if we become safer in the world.

Image Source (right): tenminutes.ph

14The jobless can’t move on.

Image Source: ucanews.com

15Death penalty II

He doesn’t want to spend electricity doing this, a rope is enough he said.

16No smoking

Davao is a free smoking city and now the whole country too.

17The Punisher doing his job.

Image Source: cjonline.com

18Is love in the air after all?

By: Jason E.

Disclaimer: This are not predictions, this is only made for entertainment purpose. Some are based on his statements on a media interview and some are just created by imagination.