China’s Ministry of National Defense said on Tuesday, October 27 that two Chinese warships as well as naval warplanes monitored and warned the US guided missile destroyer USS Lassen as it came close to one of its artificial islands in the West Philippine sea.

Colonel Yang Yujun

Colonel Yang Yujun a senior spokesman for China’s Ministry of National Defense said “It’s an abuse of freedom of navigation,” and upon confirming that a United States warship breached inside China’s protected territories in the Spratly, they immediately dispatched its PLA Navy’s guided missile destroyer Lanzhou and the patrol ship Taizhou, made contact and issue warnings to USS Lassen sailing near Subi (Zamora) reef.

“U.S. action threatened China’s territorial rights and security, endangered the safety of personnel and facilities on the artificial island as well as that of fishery workers, and harmed regional peace and stability. Dont push us to the limit.” Yang said.

Guided Missile Destroyer Lanzhou

China’s navy said the “air arm” was also involved, but gave no details.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said. “If any country thinks that, through some gimmicks, they will be able to interfere with or even prevent China from engaging in reasonable, legitimate and legal activities in its own territories, I want to suggest those countries give up such fantasy,”

“In fact, if relevant parties insist on creating tensions in the region and making trouble out of nothing, it may force China to draw the conclusion that we need to strengthen and hasten the buildup of our relevant capabilities. I advise the U.S. not to create such a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

U.S. defense official said.” The U.S. guided missile destroyer USS Lassen-82 ignored the China’s warning and proceed with their mission calmly” and the PLA navy’s caution has no effect as if they never heard anything.

USS Lassen DDG-82

U.S. defense official added that the USS Lassen was shadowed and followed at a safe distance by a Chinese ship and no incidents were reported during the 72-mile (115 km) passage.

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  1. What about the rights of the Philippines? You pushed us because we have no means to stop you, China. Now stop the US if you can.

  2. Make no mistake Mr talkative. That US guided missile destroyer Lassen is of aegis type, which means, it can engage multiple hostile targets at a given time. Your number superiority is not an advantage. Want to prove it? Then, make their day, hehehe.

  3. Let see if China made warship and plane can beat US made war horses, made in China no good, low quality. for sure it wont last for long battle and your armies feed them with steak not noodles.

  4. Looks like pinoys are so scared of China that they shit in their pants. Now US military support giving poor country too much self confidence and pinoys giving a brave mid finger to China. LOL what else to expect? Acting like five year old kid behind big brother. Come here if you dare HAHHAHA!!! Anyway be aware, you are playing with very serious things. I also agree.. China keep off Philippines!

  5. hahaha…looks like BULLY China cannot do anything but shout and CRY!!!!
    When Vietnamese & Philippine boats pass thru, the Chinese Coast Guard comes in and ram or water hose them. Now US Navy pass thru, they can’t even go near but use radio to cry!!! Hahaha…China BORN LOSERS!!!! Full of HOT AIR, LIES & FOUL MOUTH!!!!

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