Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte tells his supporters to wait for his answers in Oct. 15. “Wait till I get to Manila on Oct. 15,” Duterte told the media at a press conference.

He said that people would know if he will run if he shows up at the COMELEC office in Manila to file his certificate of candidacy.

“Until now I have not found my soul yet,” the mayor added.

Duterte has been repeatedly saying that he is not interested to run for president because his family is against it. But despite all of his denials he has been meeting with other political personalities .

Running for president is all about money, money, money. For how could you run for president if you don’t have the money? And I do not have the money,” he said.

Duterte said that ever since he first ran as a mayor in 1988 he has never asked for financial help from his political supporters. But still, certain groups fund his campaign without him asking from them.

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