OFW Family Club Party-list Representative Roy Seneres (Image source: UNTV

Congressman Roy Seneres of the OFW Family Party-list vows to stop labor contractualization in the country.

According to Seneres none of the presidential candidates so far has taken a stand against contractualization in the country. He said that at least 15 million Filipinos are under contractuals “who are being enslaved by their employers.

“How can one presidential candidate take the cudgels for his country when his family owns huge business establishments somewhere near here and whose workers are contractuals.” Referring to LP standard bearer Mar Roxas.

He then continuous to swipe Vice President Jojo Binay without naming him, saying he has dominated politics in his city for 40 years but never done anything to stop contractualization.

“He is a lawyer. Why did he allow contractualization to happen in his city?” he added.

As for Senator Grace Poe, he said that the lawmaker presented a 20-point  platform but didn’t do a thing about stopping contractualization.

When it comes to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who has been mayor for nearly 3 decades, he said that contractualization in malls are increasing even in Davao City.

What I intend to do when I become, or if I become president, is to issue an executive order on day one of my presidency, directing all the tycoons to obey the law. Otherwise, there is a penalty for not obeying the provisions of the Labor Code. It could entail  an imprisonment of maximum of 3 years,” he said.

Seneres added that the separation of rich and poor in the country is widening because of it. “What is happening right now is that they are being  laid of every five months . They have to wait for another five months. They have to wait for another five months before they get rehired. What happens to their children who go to school?”

He also said that the only thing that’s going to make him withdraw from the presidential race is when one of the presidential bets will promise to stop the contractualization in the country.

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