CCTV Footage / It's Showtime

Angelica Yap’s mother, also known as “pastillas Girl,” was shot in Caloocan City by a still unidentified gunman, November 29, Sunday night.

Maria Theresa Hernandez was hit by a fatal gunshot in the back of her head.

One of the victim’s relative wants Theresa’s two ex-boyfriends and the partner of her ex-boyfriend to be investigated.

A love triangle is one of the motive that police are eyeing.

Barangay 131’s CCTV camera caught the whole incident.

Ms. Hernandez was about to eat with one of her daughter and niece in Tagaytay street, corner Cabatuan St. in Barrio Jose, Caloocan City on Sunday evening, when a man from behind shot her at close range.

One witness recalls that the gunman was eating in an eatery near the crime scene, he identifies himself as a police agent who’s targeting a drug pusher in the area.

Upon seeing his target,Ms. Theresa Hernandez, he then remarked “Ang ganda naman pala ng papatayin ko (My target looks beautiful),” then immediatelly shot the victim at point-blank range, the witness added.

The suspect immediately fled the scene as her relatives and people in the area help Angelica’s mother to be brought to a Hospital, but hospital staffs were unable to save her, she was pronounced dead at 9:20 pm.

Upon learning about the incident, Angelica Yap “Pastillas Girl” immediately went to the hospital.

According to witnesses, the suspect was wearing a baseball cap and maong jacket, stands 5’4″ and has a medium build.

“It’s hard to pinpoint any suspect without any evidence,”  said Angelica Yap who was outside their house in Caloocan City when interviewed by media.

Angelica encourages more witness to surface and help them, she said that her family would seek the help of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

Two weeks before the murder, neighbors of Hernandez said that they saw a man checking out the victim’s house and when questioned, the man identified himself as a police man.

Theresa has been receiving a lot of death threats according to one of Yap’s relatives.

Meanwhile, police are still investigating the motive behind the killing.

Angelica Yap a.k.a. “Pastillas Girl” was known after her video about making pastillas with a twist of how bitter her love life is, went viral on the internet.

She gained popularity after ABS-CBN’s noontime show ‘It’s Showtime’ started a segment to find her a new boyfriend, her mother Theresa Hernandez sometimes appear on the t.v. show to expressed support for her daughter.