This is the Emotional moment Turkish military pilots forewarned the Russian aircraft to pull back before shooting it down.

A sound recording has been released in which the pilot of a Turkish plane prompts the Russian pilot to modify and change course.

Russian SU-24 Jet bomber Photo credit to

He says: “Turkish aviation based armed forces talking. You are moving closer Turkish airspace.”Change your destination south quickly.”

SU-24 Radar-track. Photo credit to

Seconds later, the aircraft was shot down inciting an essential crisis between the two nations.

Turkey shoots down Russian SU-24 bomber-jet Photo credit to

President Vladimir Putin has deployed its warship to the Mediterranean and the angry Russian president has suspended all military contact with Turkey. Russia says that every target posing a potential threat to its military working in Syria will be destroyed.” - Jason E

Listen to this alleged Audio of the Turkish Air Force warning the Russian Su-24 before downing it.