Indonesia – A sophisticated warship for the Philippines are now taking shape as PT PAL shipbuilder are continuously building and working on these two types of “strategic Sea-lift vessel (SSV)” for the Philippine Navy.


Production Director of PT PAL Indonesia, Edy Widarto said “two warships are required to finish on time and one is set to launch in December 2015.”

He wished every stage in each work unit can be solved exactly, so the solution can be in accordance with the specified time. Associated with several components of the vessel to be ordered from abroad, Edy claimed to have ready and available, so just attach the component to the ship.

He explains, material and composition of the warships order for the Philippines is a combination of local and foreign components, because some components could not be recognized in their country.

“Indeed, in the future we should be able to make all the components, so the reliance on outside parties can be released slowly, and in the future we hope that all the components of the ship originated from the country or domestically,” he said.

The warships, worth $90 million dollars and Edy Widarto is optimistic that they will be on time. It can already be submitted in May 2016 to the Philippines for them to strengthen the country’s defense equipment.

PT PAL Indonesia implements separate strategies in six points, and each point has its own targets, so the manufacturing process can be faster and fit the specified target.PT PAL Indonesia implement separate strategies in six points, and each point has its own targets, so the manufacturing process can be faster and fit the specified target.

SSV is a product warships with the main weaponry system, though it is a defense platform type. It is the first successful overseas export by Indonesia.

The vessel is designed with a length of 123 meters, a width of 21.8 meters and is capable of transporting 500 troops and a weight of up to 10,300 tons, which can go for 30 days at a distance of 9,360 sea mile with a maximum speed of 16 knots

Moreover, domestically-made vessel is also capable of carrying two helicopters, and a transport vessel “Landing Craft Utility” (LCU), and tanks to military trucks, as well as with advanced technology capable of being brought into a shallow sea, making it very suitable for the island nation.

Image credit to Defence.PK

By Jason E.



  1. When it comes to shipbuilding, I never thought that Indonesia is that technically ahead of the Philippines. If Indonesia can do it, then I think the Philippines can do it too. If we can pay that much, there’s no reason shipbuilders in our country can’t do it. Japan and the US could surely lend us their expertise or sell us the necessary add-on equipment, armaments, and electronics. Why??

    • Parang hindi ka tga pilipinas. Nagtataka kpa at nagtatanong kung bakit. Kahit bata (maliban sa mayayaman) alam kung ano ang sanhi ng paghihirap ng Pilipinas. Ilang presidente na dumaan, sa radyo, tv, dyaryo, etc. hindi nawawala sa usapan. Brad, KURAPSYON brad! Kurapsyon! Corruption sa ingles! Ni kalsada nga hindi ma ayos2x, “shipbuilding” pa kaya!? Amen.

    • Developing a ship takes years thats why you buy some and the contract includes the tech transfer that way we don’t need to develop the ship and or buy an expensive design or develop ship that will take years.

      Indonesia didn’t develop the LPD from scratch they also signed up with the Koreans then after the 1st 2 units was delivered then they started to produce it.

  2. wow domestic made? ingat baka made in china ang steel tatagos pati bala ng colt. 45. at sana bawal politicians on board baka gawin lang cruise ship yan na dadalhin sa mga private island nila hehehe.

  3. I cannot understand why the Philippines needs to buy the said Warships in Indonesia wherein we have numerous Huge Ship Building Companies in the Philippines like Hanjin, Keppel, Tsuneishi and Herma.

  4. …this is something wrong here…why not try our own first before going to other fence..nationalism can not grow with this kind of system..we have ship building in our backyard..something fishy!!

  5. if going to buy 2 ships ,gov’t must do like other countries >>> buy two but one must be made in Phils. in order to have technology transfer,so that we could make our own ships and atleast could give additional jobs and teach the new generations how to make new modern naval vsl

      • gov’t ang mag initiate ng investment kung walang private co.,nandian na ang HANJIN sa subic at japanese shipyard sa Cebu.aNG MGA E2 GUMAGAWA NA NG OIL/LPG/CHEML. TANKER,BULK CARRIERS,catamaran type vsl,Container vsl at iba pang special purpose vsls.,eto mas mahirap pa gawin kesa sa naval vsl.kung tutuosin lalo na ang mga tankers LPG’s oil/chemical type…nandoon na ang basic at modern ship building, design nlang at konting pagbabago nlang yan sa armaments installation pero ang basic ng pagawa ng barko nandian na sa shipyard kaya na gawin.Now ang pang armaments..pwede na yan sa mga maker o suppliers na tga ibang bansa as joint venture or mas madali govt. to govt. transactions,
        Ang India nagsimula sila sa ganyan,binili ng 3 barko sa russia o france pero isa lang ang gawa doon sa ibang bansa at ang iba gagawin sa Indian shipyards na..after ilang taon napakagaling na nila dahil nakuha nila lahat ang design,installation at shipbuilding ideas.Ngayon parehas na ang gawa nila ng ibang bansa at mas nagagawa pa nila na mas maganda at angkop sa lugar o area nila.

  6. We already have Hanjin of Korea at Subic building huge container ships, I think they can do so with warships, The government should initiate the local manufacture of these war vessels in cooperation with Hanjin. In this way we will see if our local manpower can build Philippine made warships of any kind.

  7. sa pagkaka-alam ko kasi ang mga pilipino bukod s pagkakamkam at gahaman s pera meron din cla silang ugaling ” its never late than never” kng baga mas mabuti n ung late s deadline kahit wala nmn… and then gusto na rin ng mga pilipino n “AGAD-AGAD ang resulta kaya cgru namimili n lang.. tulad lng yan pag wala k n time n pumunta ng palengke s mall k n lang mamimili kasi dun na lahat.. tsaka pinaka big factor na rin cgru kasi walang ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY ang Pilipinas s TELECOMUNNICATION SYSTEM n nilalagay…. and wala cgrung PRIVATE ship building company na gustong makipag partner s government s paggawa ng mga mga barkong tulad nyan kasi alam nila malulugi cla… just having thoughts here and opinion…

  8. We hope the next administration will further fast track the acquisition of more naval assets locally built in our country with technology transfer from our Japanese and South Korean allies? Meanwhile the 2 second hand Maestrale frigates from Italy are ready naval assets which the Phil. govt. should consider acquiring at this stage in order to strengthen the watch of our territories at West Phil. Sea which are now being patrolled by the 2 naval vessels acquired from the USCG.

  9. Sometimes I get tired of government-bashers. Why do we have to jump to conclusion that any government transaction is tainted with corruption? We can help instead by 1. exposing real life corruption and testifying; 2. Paying right amount of taxes; 3. Obeying traffic rules 4. Boycotting China made goods and 5. Buy Filipino instead 6. Refuse to pay ‘lagay’ 7. Avoid ‘fixers’ 8. Exposing real-life shortcomings of specific government offices with photos if possible. 8. Promoting Philippines as a tourist destination. 9. Volunteer in disaster relief operations 10. Campaigning and voting for the right politician (with integrity, experience and love of country) this coming election.

  10. Nice to read stories like this. Our government is doing what it can to improve our defense position. Indonesia is one the few countries that the Philippines that we can trust and develop a good economic, political and defense relationship. Culturally, they are like us, They have same character and traits we have. Very good people. Like our country, it is also an archipelago. They have a very big population and they have oil, too. I have read that by the coming years, Indonesia will be like China and India. How I wish, our country can make our own ship using our local materials. Remember, Filipinos are number one in terms of seamen. Why can we not translate this natural assets into something more tangible where we can be a maritime power. Very ironic…We still have time to make our country proud, economically independent, protect our territorial integrity and a country where we can negotiate with other countries (USA, China, Japan, Europe and other powers) on equal footing.

  11. Good move by our President kahit dahan dahan we will achieve our goals to have a strong and dependable Armed Forces.

  12. i believed we should continue this i mean we are top 4 in ship building and we should help phil with its militry sup

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