The Philippine military is now planning to use the part of Subic and Palawan as bases for new equipment that will be acquired through the AFP Modernization Program like fighter jets and warships.

DND public affairs chief, Arsenio Andolong, said that the Philippine government considers stationing fighter jets and frigates on the former US Naval Base facing the West Philippine Sea.

“The AFP will use portions of Subic for the new air and naval assets coming in like the FA-50 (jets) and the new warship that are arriving,” he said.

Andolong added that one of the considerations in the endeavor to strengthen Subic as a military base is the South China Sea territorial dispute.

According to DND spokesman Peter Galvez, “Subic has an existing runway which is ideal for operating the FA-50s and medium-lift aircraft. Palawan will provide us with an alternative site for the possible deployment not only of the FA-50s but other aircraft as well.” He added that it is necessary to build new facilities as the military acquires new air assets, Subic and Palawan are ideal locations for the FA-50 jets.

Twelve brand new FA-50 is set to arrive in December 2015 and the two Navy sea lift vessels from Indonesia are expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2016.

Philippines FA-50 From South Korea. Expected arrival is December 2015
Philippines Strategic Sea Lift Vessel from Indonesia. Expected arrival is first quarter of 2016

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