Imagine looking out a window at dusk on a misty evening and seeing the ghostly skyline of a mysterious city floating in the sky above you.

Chinese TV news reports have told how thousands of residents in two areas reported separately seeing a huge city form in the skies.

This actually happened in early October when residents of Foshan, China, saw a mysterious ghost city hovering over their own city. It happened again a few days later in Jiangxi. Reports of these sightings recalled a similar ghost city appearing over a river in Huanshan City in 2011.

A ghost city above Jiangxi, China

This picture of a ghost city was taken on October 12 in Jiangxi by a Mr. Wu at 5 pm. He said the image stayed visible for 30 minutes and then disappeared.

Ghost city over river in Huanshan City

The 2011 ghost city was seen by many Huanshan City residents who were able to take numerous clear pictures because the mysterious vision occurred well before nightfall. The images clearly showed buildings, structures and trees.

Are these mirages, apparitions of ghost cities, views into another dimension, Did parallel universe open up? Or something else?

John Esconde