The Philippines landed in another negative list after the Armed Forces of the Philippines was ranked as the sixth worst army in the world but as early as next year, the AFP can remove its status as world’s worst Armed Forces according to a military analyst.

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The other countries with the worst militaries, as indicated by the website are Costa Rica, Iraq, North Korea, Eritrea, Nigeria, Philippines, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

According to Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr., the Aquino administration has already completed 56 modernization projects for the Armed Forces and from the very beginning, the administration knows the importance of AFP modernization, he added.

President Benigno Aquino III promised to overhaul the Armed Forces with $1.7 billion and the Congress has passed a bill appropriating $2 billion for the exertion.

Aquino admin some big-ticket contributions and upcoming military hardware for the AFP modernization are:

The Philippines is maybe too far to achieve a credible defense posture, but it will definitely no longer one of the world’s worst armed forces in the next coming years.