Two Chinese consul was killed and a third was badly injured in a firearm assault at the Lighthouse Restaurant along General Maxilom Cebu city.

In a media interview with Spokesman Wilben Mayor of the Philippine National Police said, the deputy consul Sun Shan and the finance officer Hui Li of the Chinese consulate in Cebu was killed, and the consul general was wounded and immediately rushed to the Cebu City hospital.

Local police confirmed that semi-automatic caliber 45 pistol was retrieved from the scene.

According to a local media report, at around 1:32pm, a gunshot was heard while a group of nine people was having lunch in the function room of the said restaurant.

Councilor Dave Tumulak, head of Cebu City’s Command Center, said the two Chinese suspects were arrested and the one was identified as a certain Li Qing Ling a husband of a diplomat at the consulate. While the second person was a woman who also worked at the embassy. Both are now in police custody.

Some members of the Chinese community in Cebu have also been calling other city officials to verify reports of the shooting, Tumulak added.

Chinese embassy in Manila, spokeswoman Li Lingxiao, said she could not comment immediately. “Our embassy is still verifying the facts. We’ll update you as soon as I have anything new.”

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By: Robert Beerlak