The Laglag Bala or bullet scam incident recently gained international attention from BBC News and The Sydney Morning Herald, both news media are well known in the whole world.

Early this week BBC News covered the story that is currently defaming the image of the Philippines.

Laglag Bala or Bullet scam started last month when an American tourist and a departing OFW were held from boarding their flights because of a bullet that was found inside their luggage.

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Shockingly this modus operandi persisted for the past 20 years. The laglag-bala or bullet scam is a scheme conducted by corrupt airport employees. They secretly put a bullet inside the luggage of unsuspecting passengers and then later extort money from the unlucky victims. Most of the time the victims would end up paying the scammers to avoid missing their flights.

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Malacanang have already ordered an intensive investigation of the matter and two NAIA employees were already fired from their job.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) spokesperson, Eric Apolonio advises passengers to never lose sight of their luggage and that all of their pouches and zippers were firmly locked.

It is no secret that the bullet scam is a setback from the much acclaimed tourist campaign of “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.