The famous Mayor of Davao City Rodrigo Duterte might just run for president after all.

According to him, “the government has failed to protect the welfare of its people. I said that I don’t have the ambition to be president but if they run the government like that and it oppresses people, then that’s crazy,” he told Sun Star. Then he said that he is considering changing his mind about not running in 2016 because of the incident.

“The President should order the relief of all officials connected to the CAAP, the aviation command, including the porter services and the drivers. You have five days to do that Mr. President. You should do something drastic, your lip service is not enough,” according to the Mayor.

Edwin Lacierda earlier protected PNoy from the allegation of being detached about the crisis and said he was, in fact, reviewing all the incidents to avoid jumping to a conclusion.

Duterte suggests replacing securities with soldiers to lessen the threat of people who might fall victim of this modus operandi.

His strong message to all airport employee is clear, to stop planting bullets on traveler’s belongings. The Mayor will not hesitate in ordering the member of a syndicate to swallow the bullet in front of the victims.