Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte offers his service for free to all abroad Filipino laborers who could fall prey to the “tanim bala” syndicate once they return home to the Philippines.

According to Davao Breaking News, Duterte made the offer after a few photos came out in the online networking sites with bags of passengers bearing stickers which express “this is to certify that this travel bag of (name of owner) of (address of owner) was personally packed by the owner and does not contain any bullet or anything illegal. The owner is not a dumb Filipino to put in jeopardy his/her travel funded by hard-earned money. The owner likewise disavow responsibility or liability on anything that airport authorities will claim to the contrary. In case of emergency, please contact my lawyer, Atty. Rodrigo Roa Duterte”.

The Mayor said in a text message that he will welcome anyone who would seek his legal service regarding the “planting bullet scam”. The growing number of incidents of ammunition found inside the luggage of passengers is already impossible to believe, he added.

Duterte’s strong message to all airport employee is clear, to stop planting bullets on traveler’s belongings. The Mayor will not hesitate in ordering the member of a syndicate to swallow the bullet in front of the victims.

Mayor Duterte on “Planting bullet scam”:

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Photo credit: Davao Breaking News