The commander of US forces in the Pacific, Admiral Harry Harris said, the United States should challenge China’s claim to territory in the South China Sea by patrolling close to artificial islands built by Beijing.

Harris, when pressed by members the Senate Armed Services Committee on whether US forces should challenge China by sailing within 12 nautical miles of the islands, replied: “I believe that we should exercise – be allowed to exercise, freedom of navigation and flight – maritime and flight – in the South China Sea against those islands that are not islands.”

On Tuesday, a US expert said China was carrying out land reclamation in the South China Sea this month, more than four weeks after saying it had stopped such activity, citing recent satellite images.

China’s position on the US plan.

2013-CN.THATCHER.1800.0904Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said China was “extremely concerned” about the comments and China opposed “any country challenging China’s sovereignty and security in the name of protecting freedom of navigation.”

 “We demand that the relevant country speak and act cautiously, earnestly respect China’s sovereignty and security interests, and not take any risky or provocative acts,” Hong said at a daily news briefing.

A confrontation could possibly flare up any time. China is ready to protect and defend their territory in the South China sea at all cost, once US pushed its plan. US expert said.

Meanwhile, a very timely outcome that Japan’s parliament early Saturday gave final approval to legislation expanding the overseas role of the country’s military, the new laws will give the government power to use the military in overseas conflicts even if Japan itself isn’t under attack.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that will make possible a closer alliance with the U.S. in cases such as a war on the Korean peninsula or a blockage of the sea lanes that threatened Japan’s security.

Abe told in a interview that “If you put the power of the U.S. Navy and Japan’s maritime self-defense forces together, then one plus one will finally become two.”

He said, for example, that Japan would be able to help protect a U.S. destroyer in the region even if the destroyer wasn’t in Japanese waters.

Some netizens are asking about what could be the outcome if the United States with the backing of Japan, Australia, Canada, India and its smaller allies insist its plan to go near the China’s artificial island in the West Philippine sea, is that mean a signal of a 3rd world war?

By: Jason E.



  1. China’s actions implies it no longer respects the rules of the community of nations and tramples on the rights of its smaller neighbors. Brute strength is being flaunted, despite its pronouncements in the contrary, it continues to build in disputed territory. Therefore, countries that has the capability to check China’s aggression, rightfully has to do something to even things out.

  2. The Americans say nothing when the Chinese communist navies sails 12 Nautical miles off Aleutian island in Alaska then, and now this chinese communist are now scared that the US will do the same on their fake islands. bully but COWARD.

  3. It’s about time to make the Chinese government pay for their unlawful acts on seas. Not all the Chinese people are in favor of what their government doing against sovereignty of other nations. I wish, they’ll commence a revolution to remove these badassed officials.

    Who is afraid of China anyway? I wonder how their what they call state of the art weaponry performs. Simple elevators and escalators even goes out of their control, how much more of those complexed designs copied from other countries?

    Geographically speaking, if ever war breaks out, China will be defeated in 3 days. Look at the map, probably, only North Korea may help her. No one wants war, but if an erring country like China respects no one, I think it’s about time to counter that behavior with a heavy hand.

  4. No small nation like the Philippines wants war but the only way to peace is for all signatories to UNCLOS (United Nations Convention On The Law Of The Sea) to honor/respect the said International Law which China itself is a signatory.

  5. The China don’t have sovereignty on the artificial island in west phil sea. The allied must finish this evil country that never respect the international laws, China is among the signatories of UNCLOS. and we the people of this planet must condemned this kind of nation, we dont like war but how could UN discipline this rude country and unseat them in United Nation.

  6. In 1949, Our Lady of Lipa send the message that we should pray for China as she has the dream to dominate the world and the Philippines is one of her favorite and immediate target. That was 1949 and the prophecy is now happening!

  7. There is no World War 3 because the Chinese will cower in fear. Their hardware will malfunction so fighting the US and its allies like Japan and Australia is an exercise in futility. But how I wish the allies will annihilate the Chinese to get rid of cheap and fake products

  8. Too much talk……too much ado without nothing done! Or too much ado about nothing? Is China the new POLICEMAN OF THE WORLD? China no more afraid of the US? It seems.

    • the reason for this my friend is that they’re all using stealth technology….there would be no war i should say because they can’t even see each other……hahaha

  9. Chinas bullying to small countries.. is a part of their plan to dominate the earth… imagine them using this large oil deposits in the reclaimed area under them fuelling on their warfare future use like countless times of bullets to deploy by them to what they known as enemies of china! Them having the title as one of the super powers of the world will claim its title as first someday the longer they continue this activities claiming other countries sea or lands. Would you think they will just stop their? Them think the world is scared of China and will continue to add this matter and claims they are dominating one day. Must be stopped and cripple all their arms. To let them be neutralized, not easy thing to do. Well nobody wants a war nobody thinks another bloody war. They are still becoming stronger and stronger and eat what they will have to eat of this hungry China! Must be stopped at all cost!

    To God Be the Glory…

  10. The Chinese should be taught a lesson. In the first place, China is a signatory of the UNCLOS. It should respect itself by adhering to the terms of that treaty. If it could not respect itself, how could it expect respect from other countries? Somehow, China should be educated that its land-grabbing activities in the Spratlys do not have the underpinnings of international law.

  11. China will not stop its AGRESSION on Philipiine territories and others’ as well if they will not meet any Danger at all, so they will continue their Reign of Greed. And their greed is related to more military development that will Challenge US, Japan and other countries making themselves Superpower in the future to replace US, IF they can. Time is essential in making a Right decision to Move. The current Superpower USA should TEACH this Opportunist a Lesson! Time to ACT NOW!

  12. Japan failed to give up their military conquested lands after their ww2 surrendering. The USA very conveniently did nothing.
    China is only acting to take these lands back.

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