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Above is the long video of Duterte run for President rally happened last September 26.

A huge number of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte united at the Quirino show off for a rally to asked the leader of Davao City to run for President of the Republic of the Philippines. As per a few supporters of Mayor Duterte, there are such a variety of reasons why the tremendous rally in Luneta was not reported by standard media.

News network including TV and print media did not make a scope of Mayor Duterte’s supporters rally. Some netizens noticed that perhaps major political gatherings feared the immense backing of Mayor Duterte in spite of declaring prior his aims not to keep running for President.

The Mayor said that he needs some time to do some final soul searching with his family. He now has only 5-9 days remaining to finalize his final soul searching as of now because next week will be the filing of candidacy. We’ll see if Mayor Duterte is up for the challenge of his progress hungry supporters.