Screencap from CCTV Footage


Theresa, the mother of Angelica Yap a.k.a. Pastillas Girl was shot dead by a gunman, Sunday evening in Caloocan City.

Police investigators have tagged Teresa Yap’s boyfriend as a person of interest in the crime.

According to reports, Corazon, the mother of Teresa Yap, said that her daughter was separated from her husband long time ago.. and that Teresa also wants to break up with her boyfriend who according to Teresa’s mom is a jealous type.

A love triangle is one of the motive that police are eyeing.

The footage that was caught by the CCTV shows a gunman approached Teresa from behind then shoots her from the back of her head with a 9mm caliber pistol.

The suspect immediately fled the scene as her relatives and people in the area help Angelica’s mother to be brought to Chinese General Hospital, but hospital staffs were unable to save her.

Upon learning about the incident, Angelica Yap “Pastillas Girl” immediately went to the hospital.

She was pronounced dead at 9:20 pm.

Teresa has been receiving a lot of death threats according to one of Yap’s relatives, but Yap chooses to ignore the threats.

Angelica Yap a.k.a. “Pastillas Girl” was known after her video about making pastillas with a twist of how bitter her love life is, went viral on the internet.

She gained popularity after ABS-CBN’s noontime show ‘It’s Showtime’ started a segment to find her a new boyfriend, her mother Teresa Yap sometimes appear on the t.v. show to expressed support for her daughter.