China is seeking to expand its Exclusive Economic Zone deep into the South Korean’s Yellow Sea, the latest move in what appears to be a comprehensive strategy to seize control over Asian waters.

China is demanding that the South Korea to cede a very large part of its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the Yellow Sea to Chinese government that includes a submerged sea mount named Ieo that host a Korean marine research facility.

Officials from the two nations started open talks on the issue in Seoul, Tuesday. Recent claims by the Chinese government suggest that the sea mount falls within Chinese waters and should be called as Suyan Rock are causing concern.

China’s military have already took control over South China Sea by claiming a number of reefs and shoals by building artificial islands and suspected military bases, ignoring claims of Vietnam and the Philippines.

During their talks, China proposed that the problem of overlapping exclusive economic zones in the Yellow Sea should be solve by moving the demarcation line to east, closer to the Korean coast because China is larger, has a bigger population and a longer coastline than South Korea.

South Korea on their part stated that the demands of China is quite unacceptable.

China, currently has a territorial dispute with Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Taiwan.

Analysts is saying that China is trying to push its sea borders as it stretches its new-found economic and military power in the Western Pacific. -John Esconde



  1. Why don’t civilized countries wage war now with this voracious China and settle everything once and for all? It surely cost precious lives, but i think the gains weighs far heavier. Anyway, a little revolution, now and then, is a healthy thing. Everyone should act now before its too late.

  2. Waging war on China will not simply going to settle the issue on the disputed spratly Island but will create a more massive damage world wide. China sovereign claim on South China sea only an assumptions toward their territorial rights which is evidently a mere hidden intention to amplify their military personnel and gain an economic power. Having a huge deposits or possession of oil can bring a great influence and power in a any country. China is aware the advantage of acquiring such an abundant resources that they could utilize for their own benefit as well as grab the opportunity to become a world leader not only in Asia but to other European communities as well. The United Nations must be stern in addressing the issue about this and come up with formidable and feasible means to resolve this problem.

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