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MANILA, Philippines – The procurement of Multi-Role Fighter aircraft (MRF) for the Philippine Air Force has met some potholes and barriers after leftist lawmakers have blocked the transfer of funds for the Armed Forces Modernization Program.

Senators Enrile, Legarda and Sotto slashed Php8 billion from the Department of Social Welfare and Development -DSWD’s 2016 CCT budget, added Php2 billion for a total P10 billion specific allocation for the Philippine Air Force so it can buy at least 4 Multi-Role Fighters aircraft (MRF).

But unfortunately, the Bicameral Budget Committee was compelled to give back the funds to the original owner, because the House Appropriations Committee led by Davao City representative Isidro Ungab, with the leftist party lists(Bayan Muna, Gabriela, ACT Teachers, Kabataan Partylist) and obviously DSWD Secretary Soliman raised such unneeded fighter aircraft. Leaving the PAF with just over a billion pesos extra.

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After the effective and successful delivery of the first batch of South Korean made FA-50. The Philippine Air Force on its part has been looking at the Swedish JAS-39 Gripen for its MRF program.

The Php10 billion funds could have purchased 4 units of Swedish JAS-39 Gripen, thought to be one of the best Multi-Role Fighter Jet in the international arms market. – Jason E.

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  1. DSWD can just borrow whatever 8 billion they need for health and education programs from DOH and DepEd who received a staggering increase in budget. It’s the Secretary’s job to coordinate with their fellow cabinet members.

    What’s with these partylist groups? Remember Soliman just sending away the unfortunate on “vacations” during the Pope’s visit and Apec? And remember the wasted Relief goods in Yolanda?

  2. BAYAN MUNA o BAYAD MUNA? bago pumayag na ipasa ang budget.. bayan muna masyado na kayong nagpapapansin.. wala na ba kayong ibang alam gawin kundi ang kumontra sa Priority projects ng gobyerno para sa depensa ng bansa nmn hindi ninyo.. kung pwede lang kayong mga aktibista na ibala sa pwedeng gamiting pandepensa di na kakailanganing magsibili ng mga KAILANGAN para sa pagdepensa ng bansa namin.. kayo nalang ipambabala sa mga teroristang abu sayad kagaya ninyong mga may sayad na ang utak.. mga epal kayo!!!

  3. Fighter jet can only guard our waters for a few seconds before going back to re fuel thus making the operation very expensive. Philippines should buy gun boat armed with missiles. Gun boats can stay and guard the boundaries for weeks without even moving.

  4. Why doesnt it say that Malacanang itself disagreed with the realignment and the restoration of the budget for DSWD was appealed by its allies?

  5. These Filipino leftists, cum communists, want the Philippines to be defenseless so that their masters in china can subjugate the Philippines without sweat.

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