Action star Phillip Salvador caught shouting and confronted a Norwegian national for defending Filipino waitress in an Italian restaurant at the SM mega mall.

Salvador caught and witness his attention after a foreigner about a mid 40’s with a personal bodyguard complaining with the spaghetti he ordered and called a Filipino waitress “stupid” and all the crew of the restaurant “bunch of idiots”

” I was with my wife Emma Ledesma inside that restaurant when I saw a Filipino crying while a six footer Norwegian customer shouting and yelling at her and my instinct is to immediately rush and came over to defend my fellow Filipino.”

The action star shouted  the foreigner and challenge him to a fist fight.  He said“You don’t insult the Filipinos. Let’s get out of this place, I’m going to fight you. You only know how to scream at girls,”

Norwegian yelled at Salvador ” Who the F*ck are you?! Shut-up or I’m going to slap your face-off and  I will call a police”

The actor replied “I’m the f*cker who’s going to beat and kick your ass if you don’t apologize to them” Okey hurry up and call a police, be here in five minutes or else I’m going to tell them to throw you out of this place.

Action star also said, “I didn’t mind if someone take and recorded the incident in a cell phone video caught me shouting match with the Norwegian and uploaded it on the internet.”

“The foreigner has no right to berate, insult and underestimate a Filipino or anyone like that a Filipina waitress even if she committed a mistake” Action star said.