Filipino and US air force preparing

As growing tension heats up on the disputed West Philippine Sea or South China Sea with regards to China’s coercive and “bullying” behavior throughout the region, the United States Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) has added a provision “China Sea Initiative” to the 2016 defense bill.

A bill to arm and train American allies in the Pacific. A countermeasure to what legislators claim is Beijing’s increasingly aggressive attitude in the region.

This legislation was drafted, in part, to address China’s ongoing construction of artificial islands in the South China Sea as a part of its ambitious land-reclamation campaign.

SASC Chairman Senator John McCain inserted the initiative to offer support – in the form of training and weapons – In the Philippines and other allied countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The new directive is designed “to provide assistance to national military or other security forces of such countries that have among their functional responsibilities maritime security missions.”

United States defense analysts said, “Arming US allies, possibly by providing fighter jets and fast attack corvette ships in the way they can handle any incoming threat or unexpected surprise attack or retaliation from China in case their unlawful reclamation stop, dismantled or targeted.”

Another thing is that there is a possibility of providing a defense network or by putting-up advance system detection, data processing, communications systems and missile defense system, meaning a missile interceptors on every strategic location.

Patriot missile –621×414
Japan Self-Defence Forces Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) PAC-3 interceptors Aegis radar-equipped destroyersStandard Missile-3 (SM-3) interceptors North Korean missile launches (1)

Missile defense interceptors are a type of missile defense intended to shield a country against incoming missiles, such as intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBMs) or other short and medium-range ballistic missiles.

Defense analyst also said that,  “This system will shield and protect key cities, military bases, naval ports, airports and air strips. It can be installed on a ship and on land. It is a complete integrated defense system,”

“This type of defense system is more likely than that of the iron dome of Israel.” Defense analyst added.

The new provision was accompanied by a letter from lawmakers to Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, listing their concerns about China’s behavior in the South China Sea and asking Carter to strengthen the US military’s response in the region.



  1. If Subic and Clark are still operational, Mt. Pinatubo will not happen and Pampanga and Zambales will not be burried under meters of Lahar. It is unlikely USA will leave tracks after decades of Military Development. Do the math. They never thought of being driven out like Informal Settlers, which they are not.

    • “If Subic and Clark are still operational, Mt. Pinatubo will not happen and Pampanga and Zambales will not be burried under meters of Lahar.”

      Yes because as mortal human beings, Americans would have complete control over Earth’s natural seismic activities….

  2. Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement is being hindered by the supreme court not only that the idiot senators that decided to remove the US Naval Base will challenge the supreme court if the supreme court approves EDCA…Im for EDCA but these senator idiots who put our defense in low priority wil be at it again….We wouldnt be in this predicament if these non productive senators stop being Anti Americans . Senator Santiago is educated in the US and graduated from Harvard Law School but she is anti American…. our senators are Hippocrates…Funny thing also some of these senators who are anti Americans have American bank accounts… The only person who I think is an honest senator is POE… IF she is allowed to run for 2016 I will vote for her. She is Pro American and she will make our countries military strong. POE wil continue President Aquinos Project guarantee. To all The Philippine Military Personel Vote for POE… Your vote will benefite you and especially our country.

  3. Actually that’s true. Americans abandoned the bases under the pretense of being kicked out by the Philippine Senate. They figured it would be cheaper if the Filipinos rehabilitated the bases (which the Filipinos did) post eruption than if the Americans did. Gotta save those US tax dollars man…

    • the senate already made the decison when the Pinatubo erupted…their leaving the bases were just coincidental with the eruption

  4. The Americans are weary of China because of the experiences of hacking done by the Chinese, the stealing and/or copying of researches and trade secrets. America is contemplating moving out their manufacturing bases out of China, and the Philippines is among those being considered to be one of the countries to relocate those manufacturing plants.

  5. This is just talking politics and its not even true.Pakistan,Egypt and other Muslim countries have been given by United States enormous support and aid when it comes to arm.We given more than we have gain.No fees on the camp and in exhange refugee of American troops.

  6. yes, our country is strong (not very) at the start of the Marcos regime…but what is it at the end of his reign? a basket case!

  7. The Magnificent Twelve who voted against the bases should be forever remembered instead as The Dirty Dozen.

  8. The issue isn’t a PLA invasion of the Philippines, which would surely invoke the Mutual Defense Treaty with the United States. The issue is what currently would be a heavily one-sided naval showdown over the Spratly islands.

  9. Kasalanan ni Gloria Arroyo yan at kasalanan din ni Pnoy yan. Si Gloria inimbitahan ang China na mag joint oil exploration sa West Phil Sea kapalit ng pumalpak na ZTE deal. Si Pnoy naman ay hinahayaan lang na makaporma ang China na mag tayo ng pekeng isla na di nagwarning ba bawal pumasok ang China sa ating teritoryo pero wala eh kung kailan patapos na ang konstruksyon ng chinese sa mga isla ay saka nagkukumahog dumulog sa UN at US. huli na po.

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