PLA Major General Luo Yuan

As a sign of friendship and goodwill to the Philippines, China also wants to follow other countries foot steps in giving its military excess defense articles like the patrol plane, from Japan and the Landing Craft Heavy (LCH) vessels from Australia, which is a military type cargo transport ship recently decommissioned by Australian navy including extra spare parts and generators to the Philippine Navy.

According to China’s top military official, “We are willing to give and donate also our ships, since the Philippine navy lacks military sea assets it is a right time and a good opportunity for them to grab and have this decades ago, 3 units of decommissioned Chinese frigates coming from our China’s Military Salvage Junk shipyard facility. Because we are not using it anymore.”

“If Australia and Japan can donate their assets, sure we can. China can also do that to our long time friend the Philippines.” Chinese defense official said.

“It can be refurbish and converted wisely as a search and rescue ships to be used during calamity and we can provide expertise and transfer of its technology to the Philippine government.” Defense official added.

Meanwhile, Senior Philippine military and defense official in Manila said “They had not heard in regards to the conceivable gift of the said warship coming from China. We’re going to verify first in our counterpart at the Department of Foreign Affairs. (DFA)”.

An AFP military official which does not want to identify said, “Probably that is only a foolish strategy of China pretending to be friendly.”

 By: Robert Kwan. China Chinhua)