A brand new 219 units of Kia KM450 military trucks, which were delivered late December 2015 will greatly increase the strategic mobility of every military unit in performing their missions and operations.

Benjamin Hao, a spokesperson of the Philippine Army explained that the 219 KM450s are part of an initial 327 vehicle delivery made by KIA.

Kia KM450 light 4×4, photo credit to istorya.net

This 327 military trucks will be divided on every branch of the military of which 219 units go to the Philippine Army and the remaining 108 units will be divided between the Navy, Marines and Air Force. He said.

Hao said “another 390 KM-450s are scheduled to arrive before the end of January.”

The KM450 military truck deal with KIA has a total cost of Php1.937 billion for 717 KM450 units. Hao added.

KIA KM450 during pass and review. photo credit to military-today.com

Prior for the distribution to different branches in the military, each unit is currently undergoing technical inspection, specialized testing and evaluation to confirm the quality and toughness of the vehicles.

KM-450s are used for transporting small unit of troops or infantry which will serve as an advantage in mobility, allowing them to move to critical sectors of the battlefield faster, allowing better response to enemy movements, as well as the ability to outmaneuver the enemy. Likewise, it can also be used for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations by the military.- Carl E.