Was there a secret G to G agreement between the Philippines and the Republic of Korea approved during PNoy’s visit last year? Are we in for a nice surprise?

Recently, retired commander of the Philippine Fleet Rear Admiral Jaime Bernardino has revealed that the Philippine Navy is waiting for the delivery of two brand-new frigates from South Korea. Continue reading to this article, Philippine Navy Purchasing Additional 3 Landing Craft Vessels.

Was it a slip of the tongue? Is Rear Admiral Jaime Bernardino  didn’t realized that he exposed a confidential deal? A secret information only the President will be the one to tell the public?

Based on our information and assessment. There is a possibility that this is the type of “Frigate” the Philippine Navy is waiting to arrive.

It has long been rumored that South Korea has offered a derivative of its Incheon-class frigate to the Philippine government.

The “Frigate” is one of the most important sea assets a navy should have in order to protect every nation’s sovereignty and for this the Philippine government is very eager to acquire.

Check this out.

Incheon-class frgate of South Korea

Incheon-class South Korea (ROK) – $232 million

The Incheon-class frigates use in a multi-role operations such as coast patrol, anti-submarine warfare and transport support. Specialized on anti-air and anti-submarine warfare.

Type: Guided Missile Frigate (Hull designation symbol FFG)
Service Period; 2013-
Length: 374 feet (114 meters)
Beam: 46 feet (14.02 meters)
Draft: 13 feet (3.96 meters)
Displacement: 2,536 tons (Standard); 3,584 tons (Full Load)
Crew: 140
Cruising Speed: 18 knots (33.34 km/h)
Maximum Speed: 30 knots (55.56 km/h)
Propulsion: CODOG, 2 x MTU 20V 956 TB92 diesel engines, 2 x General Electric LM2500 gas turbines
Range: 5,000 miles (8,046.7 kilometers)
Sensor Suite:
Smart-S Mk2 search radar
Samsung Thales Naval Shield Integrated Combat Management System
LIG Nex1 AN/SLQ-200(V)K Sonata electronic warfare suite
KDAGAIE Mk.2 decoys
1 x 5″/62-caliber Mk.45 Mod 4 lightweight naval gun
8 x Hae Sung Anti-Ship Missiles
4 x Hyunmoo-3 Cruise Missiles
2 x triple fire torpedo tubes (fires K745 LW Blue Shark torpedoes)
1 x 20mm Phalanx CIWS
1 x 21-cell Mk.49 RAM CIWS
Aircraft Carried: 1 x Westland Lynx or SH-60 Seahawk
Aviation Facilities: Flight deck and enclosed hangar for up to one medium-lift helicopter
Builder: Hyundai Heavy Industries STX Offshore & Shipbuilding

As you can see this could possibly the type of  Frigate, Rear Admiral Jaime Bernardino lately revealed.

What can you say about it?

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By: Jason E.



  1. Wala namang masama cguro sa sitwasyun ngayun kung tatanungin mo ang sambayanang pilipino gusto talaga nila na mamili ang pilipinas ng mga pandigmang kagamitan dahil nanganganib tayo sa china at pride na din ng mga pilipino cguro ang ang aayaw na lang ngayun ay ang mga maki china na kumunista.

  2. We hope this secret even if already divulged is true and hoping before Pres. BSA III steps down in 2016 at least he can tell the nation that at last 2 brand new frigates are indeed forthcoming to town?

  3. Hope this is not another press released to gain pogi points. We badly need those kind of assets for our Navy.

  4. Hope this is true. We really need them to help our Navy protect our territorial integrity and the rights of our fishermen to fish along those areas. Those islands are ours and economically helpful to the country. Enough of intruders/colonizers/land grabbers. We do not need to be bullied by other countries.

  5. paalala ngayong may mga kagamitan ng dumarating at dadating pa, doon sa maintenance provider siguradohin lang na tama ang ginagawa, wag yung tapos ang listahan pero sa totoo walang ginawa, dapat laging ayus ang mga pinonduhang gamit, wag ang bulsa nyo ang eme-maintenace nyo

    • pati kamo yong mga taong dapat ilagay sa maintenance ay yong mga taong galing sa trabahong yan gaya ng mga experience marine engr…………….hindi yong mga malapit sa kanila or nasa loob ng partido or kaibigan………..hindi tatagal naka tali nalang sa pantalan dahil di na aandar….SHIP MACHINERY….AND MAIN ENGINE,,,, GENERATORS… kaylangan naka program ang maintenance,,,,may given time or running hours to open for survey to avoid break down.,,,,,,USE THE RIGHT SPARE PARTS FOR THAT CERTAIN MODEL,,,,,,,AVOID REMEDY…..DONT THINK ABOUT MINIMIZING THE EXPENSES THATS A VERY BAD PRACTICE…….MARAMING MARINE ENGR. NA MAGAGALING ANG PILIPINAS ,,,,TOTAL ITO SILA AY PINAG ARAL NG GOVERNO PARA SA TRABAHONG YAN ,,,KAYA NGAYONG KAYLANGAN NA SILA ,,,SIGURO PWEDI NA SILA TAWAGAN PARA SA DUTY NILA SA AFP……WAG SANA MAGAYA SA MRT…… OPENION KO LANG…..

  6. ano ng balita sir sa acquisition ng ating frigates?ilang taon na ang lumipas napagiwanan na tayo, kailangan na kailangan natin ang ganitong frigate, puro drawing lang yata gobyerno natin, any news or update?

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