MANILA, Philippines - Gilas Pilipinas star player Terrence Romeo has turned into the swarm’s dear in the 37th William Jones Cup not just in light of his awful nasty crossovers and killer executioner moves. Taiwanese basketball pundits has named Romeo as the “Philippine Catfish” because of his hitting similarity with a well known Taiwanese local superstar. Catfish, who used to be a baseball player before turning into a nearby big name in Taiwan, went to visit Romeo in their hotel and their one-on-one meeting was amusing.


我跟 羅密歐 相見歡~I meet with Romeo他的很好笑 也好相處 He's very funny Ye live嗨~兄弟 很高興認識你~ Hi ~ brother Nice to meet you ~

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我去瓊斯盃 還要跟你們說嗎?抱歉了 中華隊

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