According to Trending Pinoy Videos, CCTV caught a hulidap operation in progress in San Pedro Laguna. Read more from the post below.

HULIDAP NG MGA PULIS SAN PEDRO, HULI SA CCTVNahuli sa CCTV ang ginawang “hulidap” operations ng mga pulis ng San Pedro…

Posted by Trending Pinoy Videos on Monday, August 31, 2015


The word “HULIDAP” is not an English word, but a concoction, or combination of two words, one Filipino “HULI”, meaning catch or arrest, and the English word “HOLD-UP”,
As a result you have a word: “HULIDAP”

“HULIDAP” became a popular word in Filipino newspapers due to the rising incidents of law enforcers, policemen, military men, or pseudu-law enforcers trying to stage mock check-points or arrests, and “catching” law violators or criminals on the streets, but actually extort money from these civilians so they can later be freed.