President Barack Obama’s order to relocate and placed four major strategic weapons, including 30,000 Marines near China is to reduce America’s reaction time. A key part of United States, Asia rebalancing strategy.

The 30,000 U.S. Marines will be deployed in Hawaii and a military bases in Guam, the Philippines and South Korea to counterbalance China.

South Korea’s Munhwa Ilbo has reported that the United States “four major strategic weapons” to be placed either in South Korea or in Guam and this are,

1. U.S. nuclear powered aircraft carriers, the USS Ronald Reagan was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. And another fleet of nuclear powered carrier will be stationed at the US naval base in Guam.front02

2. U.S. F-22 stealth fighters F-22 Raptors sit on the flight line at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii Feb. 12.  The fighters and more than 250 Airmen from the 27th Fighter Squadron at Langley Air Force Base, Va., are bound for Kadena Air Base, Japan.  This is the Raptor's first overseas operational deployment. (U.S. Air Force photo/ Tech. Sgt. Shane A. Cuomo)

3. U.S. nuclear attack submarines timthumb

4. B-2 stealth bombers – A report expresses that three B-2 bombers were moved to Guam in August.bomber1

Experts believe that Beijing’s land reclamation activities and building a third airstrip in the disputed South China Sea, which is sufficiently long enough to accommodate most Chinese military aircraft are the primary reason for the relocation of four major strategic weapons and U.S. marines. Also North Korea’s nuclear program is the other reason.

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  1. And please there should be at least 4 hydrogen bombs ready to be dropped to China in case China attacks any of the allies of the United States. The United States of America must neutralize China to maintain world peace and order!

    • They both have nuclear missiles pointed at each other.

      There woudn’t be a war in our lifetime probably. Not unless we got to live beyond 2050.

      The challenging power must posses capabilities surpassing or matching the exsisting super power.

      What is happening now is like the pre-world war 1 competition between the British Empire and German Empire, after the unification of Germany.

  2. Whenever war breaks out in this part of the world, nuclear weapons will never be used because of proximity of the panda villain; unless they’re crazy enough. If they have the nerve to shoot first, surely, it’s the end of their obsolete communist doctrine.

    They’re up to battle tested arsenals, not like theirs; copied but not sure if it functions like their escalators and elevators going wayward.

    The pandas are good on bluffing. Look at what happened near the Indian border. The Indians stand their grounD. What the pandas did was nothing but went to the bamboo trees and hide.

    • US is way superior.. and i am confident that US will come to aid us in an event of war. But I would never under estimate China like you would.

      Besides the Sino-Indian war in 1962.. India effectively lose Aksai China. Before the war Both countries have outpost there and they both patrolled it. After the war Aksai Chin fell to absolute Chinese control. So China wins. You better need to study history more and update yourself in military hardware.. As if India stood a chance against China.

      With regards to countering China.. US is the only hope. Japan is capable of putting up a fight with their technology and better training. But China still has the upperhand.

      India should better silence Pakistan first before even dare to challenge China.

      Same with South Korea.. they had to deal with North Korea first.

      • In a scenario where Japan, India, US will counter attack at once, what do you think will happen? The point of my previous comment is this. Do you think they use their nuclear weapons?

        If you argue using history, it seems that the situation today is far more different.

        • Are you and Indian? Always so proud of India.. I am a Filipino. I am happy India was a friend.

          But let us be realistic. You want to fight China without finishing your insurgent/rebel problems. You forgot you have Pakistan just lurking beside you? And you are hoping India will be sending an expedition to fight China?

          And also… look at the military arsenal India has.. China without doubt is way superior in all aspects.

          The only field where India can match China was its army. Since India is capable of fielding a lot of troops like China. Is India going to invade China through the Himalayas? That would be a logistical nightmare. Hahaha

          No need to keep draging India in. USA alone can beat China. USA plus Japan is overkill already.

        • I am not under estimating China. I have studied all aspects of Chinese military. Cuz i am thinking if there is an iminent danger for PH.

          I can say the only field where China was able to come close to US technologically was in the Missile tech aspect and surface warships. But take note. China’s latest destroyers are closest to the Burke class. But not really that close. They could be at par when the TYPE 055 comes to operation.

          When it comes to fighter aircraft US has F-22 and F-35. China’s stealth jet are still on development phase.

          US has B-2 long range srategic STEALTH bombers. China only has medium range H-6K bombers. Though the Russians are willing to sell TU-22 to China. But still even if China buys it. It is not STEALTH.

          In Nuclear Submarines.. well no need to discuss.. US is way way superior.

          Anti-submarine warfare.. again no need to discuss US is way superior

          When it comes to radars, awacs, and other electronics.. i won’t under estimate China. But no one can tell if they were really able to catch up.

          With all else said.. assuming US does not develop new weapons. US is still ahead by around 15-20yrs in tech.

          If China is to start a war it would be atleast somehwere at 2040 to 2050 window.

          Assuming China can maintain the speed of its advancement. By 2040 to 2050 China could probably able to catch up or surpass USA. If and only If China can maintain its breakneck speed of advancement.

  3. Mcjared60, you don’t know these pandas.. Am quite sure that they are willing to risk what you were referring to, to achieve their ends.. The thing is, are the contenders willing to risk too? If you read their history, you will understand what I mean..

  4. China’s military has not moved closer to the USA. Chinese activities in south China sea are definitely defensive against potential threat to their country. if these chinese activities were done in South america sea i believe the chinese are the agressors. as the news above says.. 30,000 US troops placed near China. whose the aggressor? the Pandas will really love to kill anyone threatening their territory. they are waiting.

  5. in a war scenario, expect UK & Australia to join the US in an Asia war. But be wary as the Russians will instigate a situation in Europe to split the US forces.

  6. dapat lang mag deploy ang US ng troops near china ksi potencial treat tlga sila sa mga kalapit bansa sa mga ginagawa nila tulad nlng ng artificial island na yan nag bubuild pa sla ng air strip pag nkapag deploy sila ng fighter jets at bombers ilang minuto lang binobomba na pilipinas..make sense.

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