Map Source: Aljazeera

The Chinese government claims most of the South China Sea near the Spratly islands where Philippines and other neighboring countries also have overlapping claims.

Philippine Army scout rangers, known officially as the First Scout Ranger Regiment. The regiment has been boasted as one of the world’s best anti-guerrilla fighters. REUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo

Since China begin it’s land reclamation in December 2013, it had reclaimed more than 2,900 acres (1,170 hectares) of land as of June 2015, China had reclaimed 17 times more land in 20 months than the other claimants combined over the past 40 years, according to reports.

Despite calls from the U.S. to stop their land reclamation, China didn’t stop building structures on their artificial islands that led to U.S. sending it’s warships and practice freedom of navigation in the region.

The Philippines has a strong case against China, but the question is, will China recognize the ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration? What will happen if China continues it’s artificial island building?

War is the most impossible thing. However, if there is a war, one should fight it through.

Who do you think will win in a war between China and The Philippines?

Let’s take a look in this military power comparison between the two countries.

Global Fire Power:
CH: 3rd out of 106
PH: 40th out of 106

Total Population:
CH: 1,355,692,576
PH: 107,668,231

Manpower Available:
CH: 749,610,775
PH: 50,649,196

Active Military Personnel:
CH: 2,333,000
PH: 220,000

Active Military Reserves:
CH: 2,300,000

Aircraft (all types):
CH: 2,860
PH: 126

CH: 908
PH: 82

Attack Helicopters:
CH: 196
PH: 0

Attack Aircraft (Fixed-Wing):
CH: 1,311
PH: 8

Fighter Aircraft:
CH: 1,066
PH: 2

Trainer Aircraft:
CH: 352
PH: 23

Transport Aircraft:
CH: 876
PH: 95

Tank Strength:
CH: 9,150
PH: 45

Armored Fighting Vehicles: (AFVs)
CH: 4,788
PH: 778

Self-Propelled Guns: (SPGs)
CH: 1,710
PH: 0

Towed Artillery:
CH: 6,246
PH: 270

Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems: (MLRS)
CH: 1,770

Merchant Marine Strength:
CH: 2,030
PH: 446

Major Ports / Terminals:
CH: 15
PH: 6

Fleet Strength:
CH: 673
PH: 120

Aircraft Carriers:
CH: 1
PH: 0

CH: 67
PH: 0

CH: 47
PH: 3

CH: 25
PH: 0

CH: 23
PH: 11

Patrol Craft:
CH: 11
PH: 38

External Debt:
CH: $863,200,000,000
PH: $72,810,000,000

Annual Defense Budget:
CH: $145,000,000,000
PH: $3,000,000,000

Purchasing Power Parity:
CH: $13,390,000,000,000
PH: $454,300,000,000,000

Labor Force:
CH: 797,600,000
PH: 41,330,000

Square Land Area:
CH: 9,596,961 km
PH: 300,000 km

It’s not hard to see who will win in a war between the two countries, but with the Arm Forces of the Philippines’ modernization program and the US helping the Philippines to strengthen its military power. The chances of winning a war against China is not impossible anymore.

Plus the US has a defense treaty with the Philippines, both nations would support each other if either the Philippines or the United States were to be attacked by an external party.

If there is a conflict, US and China will classify it not as a war as much as possible to avoid the situation that US has to take the obligation against China.

Both countries will try all the diplomatic method before war.

As a famous saying associated to British Philosopher Bertrand Russel goes “War does not determine who is right - only who is left.” -John Esconde

Image sources: People’s Liberation Army, Philippine Army, Wikipedia, Aljazeera