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The world was shocked after China announced that the construction of huge and largest cloning facility has begun in the northern port of Tianjin, which is worth 200 million yuan or $31 million dollars, It will be so big and enormous that in one year it could create a million cloned assorted types of animals.

Cloning process remains a big issue since “dolly the sheep” has been created way back 1996 by this controversial type of cloning procedures, the cloning facility in China can create and produce a genetic copy dead pets, a useful animals like police dog, racehorses, cattle and hogs to be used as meat products.

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This cloning facility is under the direct supervision of China’s biotechnology company “Boyalife” with the collaboration from a Korean firm “Sooam Biotech” a company involved in various controversies in the past.

Hwang Woo-suk of Sooam was hailed as a hero in South Korea but was later revealed to have produced fraudulent results, a failure and violation of bioethical standards similar to Chineses’ disregard of ethics and food safety.

Whatever this company had been in the past it will be a reflection and comparison to the danger that lies ahead once this cloning facility is on and operational.

Loaded with a gene bank, and cloning laboratory equipment, this cloning facility can copy and produce 100,000 cattle and hogs within its first year of operation but this target capacity will extend up to a million, Chairman Xu Xiaochun of Boyalife exposed.

2016 is the target year that it will start to produce its products, with the firm planning to sell cloned animal meat products on an industrial scale, but there is a doubt if cloned animals fit for human consumption? An expert of food Nutrition Science, Professor Zhu Yi, at China Agricultural University said the cloned animals will not have a difference from the original or real one, but he is deeply concerned of cloned meats to be used for human consumption.

He explained that it must undergo a rigorous test and repeated study before cloned animals are considered edible and can be sold for human consumption. But with the company is set to start in 2016, there is no way the suggestion will likely be considered.

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It is very frightened to think that a cloned cows meat will soon end up to the market as real edible fresh meat, would you consider eating cloned animals meat? To think that China is always involve in numerous issue of food scandals. - Jason E.

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