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The Commander of United States Pacific Fleet has warned of a conceivable military force could be used to insist territorial claims instead of international law in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

Admiral Scott Swift in his speech at the Cooperative Strategy Forum in Honolulu, Hawaii on Monday said, “My worry is that after numerous decades of peace and prosperity, we may be seeing the leading edge of a return of “might makes it right” to the region.”

Swift said. “Claimants and non-claimants alike are transferring bigger shares of national wealth to develop capable and more competent air and maritime strengths beyond what is needed merely for self-defense.”

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“Indeed, even now, ships and aircraft operating nearby these features, in accordance with the international law are subject to pointless notices and warnings that threaten routine commercial and military operations,” Swift said while talking at the Strategy Forum to the naval commanders from Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries. - Carl E.