This Dramatic video shot in Taiwan captures the moment a 104-meter arch bridge collapsed on Tuesday, causing a section of the bridge and a passing oil tanker crashing down onto several fishing boats.

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More than a dozen people were injured or missing after the Nanfangao Bridge in Su’ao township, in the island’s northeast, collapsed around 9:30 a.m. local time, according to the English-language Taiwan News.

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“A tank truck was on the bridge when it collapsed, and it ignited after falling into the waterway, spewing smoke into the air,” the news agency reported.

Citing the National Fire Agency, Taiwan News said that 10 people were hospitalized and that six fishermen are thought to still be trapped in their boats underneath the bridge rubble.

Su’ao township chief Lee Ming-ch told reporters on Tuesday that several injured people were taken to hospitals and that at least six crew members were still trapped under the bridge. According to the latest report, 2 Filipinos were dead in the accident.