United Arab Emirates (UAE) - A group, headed by M. Akbar Muhammad  has withdrawn its offer for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to fight Manny Pacquiao in Abu Dhabi this year, Boxing Scene reported.

This group had offered Mayweather a $120-million dollars to fight Pacquiao this spring but withdrew the offer and is now seriously criticizing Mayweather.

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“We informed “Mayweather  a week ago that the offer will be withdrawn in the first week of  January.” Muhammad told Boxing Scene. The offer was originally made in late November.

“We want to deal with serious individuals, individuals who have the ability to make a decision. Regrettably, that is not the case with Mr. Mayweather,” Muhammad said, as quoted by Boxing Scene.

“The Abu Dhabi group is serious, and I will not allow them to dangle an inordinate amount of time. Now that time has come, and the offer is gone,” he added.

“Floyd Mayweather Jr. definitely lost his credibility in this” Better negotiate  to a dog than to deal with this coward  boxer.

Muhammad said their investment group will move forward “with absolutely no hesitation, no reservations, and no Mayweather,” but will still hold a huge event in Abu Dhabi that features a championship card, concerts, and tributes.

“In keeping with the vision and determination of our investment group, it will be a boxing spectacle unrivaled in the history of the sport,” he guaranteed.

Muhammad also said Mayweather and “The Money Team” should “consider re-thinking its nickname” if the American superstar would rather fight for what he said was “hot dog money” instead of a $120-million purse.

He also criticized Mayweather for failing to live up to the standards set by some of the greatest boxers in history, naming Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali specifically.

“To rise to the challenge, first, you must accept the challenge, and that means fighting the very best you can when the opportunity arises. Unfortunately, it appears someone on ‘The Money Team’ has no regard nor respect for the tradition and history of boxing, nor, even more unfortunately, the wishes and desires of the fans of our sport,” he added.

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