Beijing - The first prototype train which is going to arrive in mid August for final testing in the Philippine railway system marks as a milestone for a good relationship between China and the Philippines in the field of transportation and operation of the mass transport railway system.

For this result, China is looking forward to this positive project and as a sign of friendship and gratitude for this development, the Chinese government would like to offer and provide additional 60 escalators and elevators as a donation, to be installed free of charge in every existing railway station.

China’s MRT station with escalator.

“The report and assessment of our Chinese engineers pushed us with this proposal. Every train station lacks this type of facility and we are willing to provide and install escalator and an elevator for the passenger convenience.” Chinese transportation official said.

“Likewise, we expect to adapt our train to the existing rail system and we are positive that it will lessen the requirements needed to pass rigorous testings up to the fullest operation until it will meet a standard set by the Philippine government.” Chinese official added.

Chinese prototype train under contruction

“Our train is sophisticated with a cutting-edge technology that greatly improves the power quality, energy efficiency and controllability of trains.” He said.

“New train coaches will be more economical, comfortable, reliable and we are hopeful that we can now proceed to the final order and continuous delivery of our trains.” Chinese official concluded.

The escalators and elevator assembly together with the approved train coaches will be shipped possibly end of this year. If the Philippine government will accept the offer.

The Philippine government is still hesitant to accept the offer due to the viral videos that surfaced on social media lately.


Netizens also shared their thoughts about the offer, One commentator said, “Those escalators are traps China are using the idea as a Trojan horse. They’re just faking it.”

Philippines MRT station without escalator

By: Kevin N.