A leading Chinese space scientist said last year that the country could land a rover on Mars by 2020, build a manned space station by 2022 and test a heavy carrier rocket by 2030, as Beijing expands its space program in a race with India to explore the red planet. But this plans is now on the rush, they need to double time. They need to help on discovering more about Mars and plan to land their rover as early as next year, according to a group of scientist.

Researchers have confirmed that fluid water flowing on the surface of present-day Mars, a finding that will add to the prediction that life, on the off chance that it ever emerged there. Maybe the reason why they want to fast track the project.

Scientists say these dark, narrow, downhill streaks are evidence of flowing water on Mars. Credit Jet Propulsion Laboratory/University of Arizona, via NASA

A study on China’s first Mars mission is done and the objective is now to send an orbiter and rover to Mars, according to Lei Fanpei, chairman of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, told state-run Xinhua news agency.

“At the point when the Wenchang satellite dispatch focus is authoritatively opened, it will check a further stride in China’s endeavors to grow its entrance to space,” with the capacity to throw heavier payloads into space, Cheng told Space.com. “These are required to incorporate a Chinese space station, lunar example recovery mission and a Mars explorer.”

A Chinese analyst at the Beijing Institute for space exploration studies said “There may be a possibility that China’s race on exploration of space and other planets like Mars, sooner will overcome NASA in its discovery of Mars fluid water and immediately put-up a Human Chinese colony which will strengthen territorial sovereignty before NASA and US launch its 1st human colonization expedition.”

Future Mars Chinese colony

China’s military -2014 Zhuhai Airshow: November 14, 2014 the first model of the rover now Zhuhai Airshow

By: Robert Beerlak

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