Chairman Robert Garcia of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority said the military needed to move fast to improve the base’s runway on the grounds that a pre-election ban on military spending begins in March.

According to Garcia, “There is urgency because the 12 jets are already starting to arrive. In December this year there will be two already. And then the balance are coming in 2016. So they really have to rush the repairs.”

“With the situation in the South China Sea right now, especially in Subic, because Panatag Shoal is just 120 miles from here, it looks like this presence of foreign troops will increase in the coming months,” he added.

A General from Air Force said the government had yet to reply to a request for 100 million pesos to refurbish airfield in Subic.

Garcia said that Alava pier in Subic which can accommodate an aircraft carrier needs P3 billion to repair.

Newly acquired fighter jets FA-50 from Korea and two frigates are to be posted in Subic Bay northwest of the capital from early next year, the first time the massive installation will have operated again as a military base in 23 years.

Philippine Air Force FA-50 fighter jet has an ability to engage and intercept in a dog fight

After the repair, Subic Bay Base can be utilized by the military with new armaments to patrol and answer threats in the West Philippine Sea.

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