YOKOSUKA, Japan – USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) is now at Fleet Activities (FLEACT),  as the only forward-deployed aircraft carrier of United States Naval forces, Oct. 1.

“Deploying our most capable units forward enhances the Navy’s ability to contribute to the defense of Japan and meet our commitments under the terms of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between Japan and the United States of America,” said Rear Adm. John Alexander, commander, Battle Force Seventh Fleet.

The aircraft carrier’s forward deployment to Japan demonstrates the U.S. commitment to the region and our allies, reiterates the importance of the interoperability between the U.S. Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, and ensures we have the most capable platform forward when it matters, where it matters, according to a Facebook post by Admiral Scott Swift.

After finishing a hull swap with the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier George Washington, USS Ronald Reagan left Naval Base North Island in Coronado, California last August 3. In the course of its travel over the Pacific Ocean, Ronald Reagan finished a blue water confirmation replenishments-at-sea, day and night flight operations, and damage control and medical drills.

Watch, USS George Washington Final Departure From Japan.

Watch, USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) departs San Diego for Japan.

Ronald Reagan landed in Yokosuka outfitted with the U.S. Navy’s most advance and modern technological upgrades including a new local area computer network: The Consolidated Afloat Networking Enterprise Services (CANES).

Photo credit: Admiral Scott Swift

The Japanese government perceives that the U.S. Navy continuous strong presence will add and contribute to the security of Japan and the  support of peace and security of the region. What’s more, the Government of Japan appreciate the arrival of the “Ronald Reagan”, observing the way that the “Ronald Reagan” joined cooperation activities by the U.S. Forces (Operation Tomodachi) in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

A Nimitz-class USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), United States Navy’s only forward-deployed aircraft super carrier, entered the 7th Fleet area of operations, Sept. 17. (READ:Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan Enters 7th Fleet Area of Operations)

- John Constantine

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