According to an anonymous political analyst and a campaign leader based in London, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte can raise as much as 2 billion Pesos or more worth of campaign funds and that’s enough to win the election for most cases. He said, “You can see that even without campaigning, the Mayor still managed to lead on the survey.”

The latest survey which was conducted September 8 to 14, Grace Poe is number 1 while Mar Roxas, Vice President Jejomar Binay and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte are in a virtual tie for second place.

There are already groups established all over the world consisting of OFW campaigning for Mayor Duterte and they are ready to raise 1 billion Pesos to support the Mayor in his presidential candidacy.

Duterte for President Movement in Hong Kong
Duterte for President Movement in Hong Kong

A group of businessmen also pledge 1 billion Pesos to support Duterte’s candidacy.  Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre, Duterte’s supporter said there are “no strings attached” to the campaign contribution promised by the group.

September 26, Sunday, a huge crowd of supporters gathered in Quirino Grandstand Manila to ask Mayor Duterte to run for the highest position. Most of them donated to raise more funds to support the campaign.

Luneta, supporters asking Duterte to run for president.

Aguirre cited the text message sent by Duterte to his followers, asking to be given more time to do some ”final soul-searching.” The Mayor has one month remaining to decide if he will answer the people’s request.

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  1. if Duterte is elected president, we can kiss the AFP modernization goodbye and leftists will have the majority seat at the house

    • Diba pwede balanse lang? Maraming military at police sa Davao pero pwede parin magpahayag ng saloobin ang mga NPA. Bawal lang talaga ang Dahas.

    • Did you read the news? He will increase the salary of the military and police. You want an example of police modernization? Look at Davao City even with its little budget… Manood ka na lang ng pastillas girl at aldub.

    • Your stupidity is boundless.. basa basa din konti para madagdagan naman kaalaman mo.. Davao has the only working 911 emergency hotline in the Phils, with all modern and hightech equipments, police morale in that place is high because may dagdag sila allowance from davao city lgu. Pag si duterte naging presidente may pag aaa na magkaroon ng totoong peace sa Mindanao

    • What are your basis idiot?di pa yan President pero mas quality pa Ang track records Nya compared sa mga national politicians,so you shut up your rotten mouth!

    • Well. At least Generals wouldnt be able to loot from that Fluke modernization bogus. Pft.

      Dont worry though. Duterte isnt stupid enough not to continue the program. He will just do a redirection towards genuine modernization, the same way Davao City has all the modern and NEW (since the government obviously bought scrap and reject vehicles and planes coming from allied nations) facilities and emergency vehicles it garnered from “the efforts of the People of Davao City (yes. You’ll find that written on the side of an ambulance instead of a politicians picture with quotes that suggests the politician’s effort bore that as fruit). Read kid, read better

    • oo nga may respito cya brnigay sa mga cpp npa sa davao pro tingnan mo efficient ang function ng pnp sa davao…. paano yan….dahil binigyan nya rin ng importancya ang mga mabuting hangarin ng mga leftist…kaya ng naging leftest dahil may nakitang mali at kong di mo bibigyan ng oras para tingnan lalong magiging leftest yon….

  2. There are really stupid Filipinos who do not want peace, unity, reconciliation….. Utak satanas, God is so sad when His people continue quarreling because of greed, power, pride, etc. God wanted us always to be free from sins, from poverty, from exploitation, etc. Let us pray for those people who are espousing trouble in our land. We must all unite for sake of our motherland, for future generation.. God bless us all !. Duterte ang kailangan….!

  3. the victory of Duterte could weaken the arm revolution and MAKABAYAN block parliamentary movement, dahil mabigyang solusyon ni DU30 ang iilang isyo ng ARM revolution ukol sa problema ng BANSA…

  4. Abolish congress. Create a constitutional convention. Rewrite or revisited the Constitution. Put back the 1973 constitution and change the 1987 constitution, which is form as a knee jerk reaction to Marcos presidency/martial law. Actually. Marcos rule according to law and lot of laws now are product of Marcos era. Even during Martial Law, Marcos ask the Judiciary, the Supreme court or before handing off Law or instructions ; when you look at them have legal basis. That is how brilliant he is. Pero ang akala ng tao hindi siya sumusunod sa batas, like this so called pretender.

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