Davao City became a more progressive city in the Philippines, by decreasing the number of crimes, giving a world class service to its people and quickly responding to an incident whenever and wherever in the city.

This is the best example of a good and transparent governance. People can see and enjoy a tangible part of where their taxes are spent, they say that this are the aces of Mayor Duterte that could bring him to the Malacanang.

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On September 27, 2002, at Davao City, Mindanao, the Philippines, the Central Communications and Emergency Response Center was formally launched. The facility is both a call center and a dispatch center that will link the residents needing assistance with the emergency resources of the government – the police; firefighters; medical workers; and rescue services. For convenience and easy memorization, the combination of numbers 9-1-1 was selected as the access number to the facility. That is why when the facility, now better known as Davao City Central 911, was launched, Davao City became only the third locality in the world that utilizes 911 as its emergency number, next only to the United States and Canada.

The Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC), the first in the Philippines, is located in Sandawa, Matina. It is headquarters for 911 and the center for the 170 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras installed in different strategic areas as of today covering access roads and populated downtown areas, and also including outside the Davao International Airport and six in different bridges to monitor the rise of water level in the city’s rivers. The center also controls traffic signals in the city.