US Marine Corps using an M4 Carbine. Source: Youtube

A US-based manufacturer of firearms and ammunition, Remington Arms Co. has completed the delivery of 56,843 M4 rifles to be use by the Philippine Army, an army official revealed Sunday.

According to Army Spokesman, Col. Benjamin Hao, The rifles’ acquisition is part of the modernization of the Arm Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The remaining 12,657 rifles were delivered December last year and will be inspected by the Army’s technical inspection and acceptance committee (TIAC), he said.

The firearms would then undergo ballistic tests to be carried out by the Philippine National Police (PNP).

After the test, the rifles would be supplied to army units immediately, Hao said.

M-16 rifles that were issued to soldiers earlier would be recalled and will be given to reserved forces and militia use, the Army official said.

“They will be used for the reserved forces, Cafgu slowly this year. You will start seeing the reserve units and Cafgu (Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit) units brandishing the [new] M-16 [rifles]. They will start practicing using [these rifles],” Hao said.

Hao described the M4 carbine rifle to be a world class weapon.

“This is a world-class rifle, and our troops are proud to have [it], this kind of weapon, it will help us, it is lighter but more powerful. [It is] being used by First World armies,” he said speaking of the M-4 rifles.

-John Esconde