In a Media workout attended by several journalist and actor David Hasselhoff, the grand diva of boxing show up at the Mayweather Jr. Boxing Club fashionably latetwo hours tardy, to be exact. Upon making his long awaited entrance to his renowned training facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, the undefeated American champion Floyd Mayweather Jr, casually strolled into a sea of several hundred media members, donning the colors of the red, blue, and yellow use to be like a Philippine-themed shirt.

Photo credit to: Ethan Miller/Getty Images/AFP

Although Floyd was also wearing a cap with a red, white and blue, TMT logo, the message he was sending with his printed “Filipino” shirt was a bit ambiguous.

Was he paying homage to the passionate and supportive fans of the Philippines, or was he silently stating that he would make Manny Pacquiao’s die-hard legion of fans convert their unflinching allegiance over to the “dark-side” after the dust inevitably settled on May 2?

From a historical perspective, “Money May” has a unique way of earning the respect of fight fans around the world after putting on impressive performances in the ring.

When asked by a media if he was trying to send a message, Mayweather said: “I’m not trying to send any message.”

“I love every country. It’s always the U.S. first, but I love the Philippines, I love Japan, I love Africa. I love all countries,” said Mayweather.


So what do you think? Did Floyd Mayweather Jr. have a change of heart and wanted to gain more Filipino fans in the process or did he just wear the shirt to show he has conquered the Philippines by conquering its champion?

Well the answer will reach its dramatic conclusion on May 2!!